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How Fast Must We Scale Water?

Aug 18, 2023 5:32:00 PM

We opened this week's briefing with a hard look at how everyday Americans are being impacted by inflation and the cost of living… What they're saying about it is dire, but what does that have to do with water? EVERYTHING! Water is now the most rapidly inflating expense in the USA as covered in last weeks briefing, but this week we highlighted SOLUTIONS. From TV footage of how small communities like Coalwood WV are solving their lack of sewer by installing our modular Water Systems in a Box™, to our strategy that is rapidly scaling point of use water nationwide. And the supercharger that could ramp it all up to hyper-speed? WE HAVE IT! Find out all about it in the replay!


Covered in this Video:


0:00 Clip from Tucker Carlson interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on quality of life in the US.
10:09 Modular Water Systems short video clip.
10:47 Introduction: Water — The Blue Gold™



12:44 Population de-growth: the power of a young population.
15:06 WVVA News reports on Coalwood W.V. Township finally getting sewer...a Modular Water System!
18:25 The insider info on the Modular Water System we built for Coalwood WV.
20:03 More on Inflation. How the auto industry is being impacted by inflation.
20:22 Pharmaceuticals and forever chemicals in our water supplies and what we can do about it.
24:27 Our Everglades is Dying: Joe Rogun interviews Mike Kimmel, licensed wildlife trapper of invasive and dangerous species for an inside look at the Everglades from a long-term inhabitant.



30:31 How to Ride a RollerCoaster Podcast: Captivating excerpt from David Ezell's inquisitively probative interview with CEO Riggs Eckelberry!
48:48 Interview of a podcaster! Riggs interviews Devin Miller, The Inventive Journey podcast on his experience as an IP Attorney and where operating a podcast has taken him.



1:06:31 Exec VP, Ken Berenger, joins the show for a stimulating look at what's inside and OUTSIDE the envelope for investors. Gain insight on current economic factors, market trends and why water as an investment is emerging as an exciting new asset class!

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