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September 21, 2018

Showing Off the AOxPlus Prototype

The Fenton process is well known as a way to clean up the toughest water problems – in the lab! AOxPlus™ is the Fenton process for the 21st Century. OriginClear Technology President “JL” Kindler shows off how the high production of hydroxyls is a reality!

September 14, 2018

Introducing OriginClear’s Latest Invention

Application Engineer, Ayush Tripathi, joins CEO Eckelberry to discuss the AOxPlus breakthrough and what it means. He also discusses field rollouts of the technology.


AOxPlus™ focuses on large-scale generation of hydroxyl radicals; patent filed

OriginClear, Inc., announced today that the company has completed development and testing of AOxPlus™, a patent-pending method to produce hydroxyl radicals in large quantities to treat highly-contaminated wastewater.
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Riggs Eckelberry explains why WaterChain is designed to work to help Dan Early’s Modular Water by helping to bring about funding of self-reliant water treatment projects such as real estate developments and agriculture. Read More Watch here
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Why Blockchain Should Break Free From Cryptocurrencies  
July 23, 2018

Why Blockchain Should Break Free From Cryptocurrencies

CoinSpectator Blog: "Blockchain has far more to offer than just securing cryptos; distributed ledger technology (DLT) can actually provide the foundation for any number of applications."
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Water Quality Products INDUSTRY NEWS WEEK 7/22/18  
July 22, 2018

Water Quality Products INDUSTRY NEWS WEEK 7/22/18

Water Quality Products: "OriginClear Inc. announced a new division for Modular Water Systems, which offers a product line of prefabricated water treatment systems."
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