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OriginClear Engages Baja Technologies for Development and Launch of ClearAqua Cryptocurrency to Unite the World in Making Clean Water Accessible to All

CLEARWATER, FL – September 21, 2021 -- OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), Total Outsourced Water™, has announced today it has engaged San Diego-based Baja Technologies Inc. to develop and help launch its new cryptocurrency, ClearAqua™. The first step in the process is the white paper, expected in early October.


Riggs CA 3-1

Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear CEO, explained the concept in a recent video: https://youtu.be/lK6H1xNz5Tk

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No Boundaries

“Cryptocurrency has no boundaries”, said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear CEO.” A grandmother in Korea can contribute to cleaning up a mobile home park’s sewage problem in Alabama. It allows for anyone around the world to get involved and spreads the burden of changing the trillion-dollar water industry in a meaningful and impactful way. By aggregating resources, knowledge, and investment dollars, we believe we will be able to help dramatically improve the state of water by helping businesses cut the cord and take control over their own water treatment.”



Riggs Eckelberry added, “As Lux Research pointed out in 2016, decades of neglected maintenance have made our central water systems unable to respond to the growing pressures of population growth and business expansion. The solution is to act locally with on-site water treatment. We believe this decentralization can take the load off our more than 150,000 municipal water systems and help businesses save money and recycle water more. By sponsoring ClearAqua, we can also empower everyday people and communities to help solve these water problems in the USA and worldwide.”


ClearAqua Network

ClearAqua is envisioned as a utility token, or coin, that is intended to reward holders for alerting the community to water situations, and for elected delegates to make proposals to address these situations. ClearAqua.org, a planned subsidiary of OriginClear, would manage these proposals and put them out to bid. Funding for the water projects could come from a variety of sources, including OriginClear’s Water On Demand™ subsidiaries. Payments for these projects could be streamlined with a future planned security token, named $H2O™.

As envisioned, participants would be compensated with a tax on transactions. Any non-profit or commercial organization involved in water could also connect with ClearAqua through partnership, and thus extend the community without boundaries.



Baja Technologies is currently developing the ClearAqua White Paper, to establish all projects goals and outlook, technical information, algorithms, formulas, functionalities, rules, mechanisms, and transactional data.

About OriginClear, Inc.OTC Pink: OCLN

America’s infrastructure is broken. And our government is spending nearly 100 billion dollars to fix the nation’s 150,000-plus water systems; but runaway inflation is defeating that effort. So, local businesses are taking the initiative to clean and recycle their own water. We’re helping them “cut the cord”, by developing outsourced pay-per-gallon programs and a future digital currency to streamline payments. To learn more about OriginClear®, please visit our website at www.originclear.com.

For more information, visit the company’s website: www.OriginClear.com

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