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Technology president “JL” Kindler briefs the MoneyTV audience on the origins of OriginClear’s technology, and its spread today. He also discusses the need for a blockchain technology in today’s water industry. Read More

Island’s need to restore hurricane-ravaged infrastructure seen as opportunity to demonstrate potential for decentralized water funding

OriginClear, Inc., today announced that WaterChain, its decentralized water funding initiative, issued an open call for modular, on-site water treatment projects, with an early focus on the hurricane-affected island of Puerto Rico. Read More

On MoneyTV, CEO Riggs Eckelberry discusses the need for scaling up on-site water treatment to bypass infrastructure issues in both developing and developed countries, and narrates a tour of OriginClear headquarters with new strategic advisor, venture capitalist David Metzler. Read More

The OriginClear subsidiary meets unique requirements for international religious missions

OriginClear, Inc., announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dallas-based Progressive Water Treatment Inc. (PWT), recently completed the construction and shipment of a 30 gallon per minute (gpm) drinking water treatment system in Baranquilla, Colombia for the religious mission of a US-based Church. Read More

The system is currently treating waste water for an automotive parts manufacturer in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

OriginClear, Inc., announced today that the company has delivered and commissioned its first commercial system in China. The unit is now helping the manufacturing site meet required quality standards for wastewater. OriginClear’s system effectively removes levels of ammonia which are both high and variable, from a continuous flow of wastewater generated by a chrome-plating process. Read More

OriginClear licensee Depuporc S.L. to build complete systems powered by OriginClear Tec

OriginClear, Inc., today announced that its licensee in Spain, Depuporc S.L., has signed a commercial contract to supply complete mobile treatment systems to pig farm operators. The units have a daily capacity of 120m3, or 31,700 gallons per day. Depuporc intends to integrate OriginClear’s breakthrough Electro Water Separation™ with Advanced Oxidation (EWS:AOx™) technology in the systems it deploys. Read More

CEO Riggs Eckelberry reports on preliminary guidance that OriginClear’s Texas subsidiary has maintained the pace set in the second and third quarters, and in this first quarter has received commitments for a full quarter’s business while just halfway through it. (OriginClear is a sponsor of MoneyTV.) Read More

After doubling from Q2 to Q3, Progressive Water Treatment maintains performance in Q4

OriginClear, Inc., issued today preliminary guidance that revenue for the six months ended December 31, 2017 for its Dallas-based subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment’s (PWT), increased by over 24 percent as compared to the six months ended December 31, 2016 with an increase in gross profit of 13 percent during the same period. Read More

CEO’s presentation to cryptocurrency industry insiders outlines how coin offerings can transform water industry

OriginClear, Inc., a leading provider of water treatment solutions, released details of its WaterChain initiative at d10e, a leading conference on decentralization... Read More

February 9, 2018

The Coin Lab on MoneyTV

CEO Eckelberry reports on the London design sessions, including Skype commentary from Tim Marchand, CEO of The Coin Lab. Riggs also briefs the audience on next steps. Read More