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AOxPlus™ focuses on large-scale generation of hydroxyl radicals; patent filed

OriginClear, Inc., announced today that the company has completed development and testing of AOxPlus™, a patent-pending method to produce hydroxyl radicals in large quantities to treat highly-contaminated wastewater. Read More

Riggs Eckelberry explains why WaterChain is designed to work to help Dan Early’s Modular Water by helping to bring about funding of self-reliant water treatment projects such as real estate developments and agriculture. Read More Watch here Read More

As Progressive Water reports double revenues and quadruple profits between 1st half of last year and 1st half of this year, the company’s momentum is increasing, with Modular Water also writing business and work going on with the company’s slate of prospective acquisitions. Read More Watch here Read More

Gross profit for Progressive Water Treatment division quadruples

OriginClear, Inc., reported today that revenue at the half-year mark doubled year over year for its Dallas-based subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment (PWT), while the division’s gross profits quadrupled, helping the company in its drive toward overall profitability... Read More

OriginClear’s First Water Conference was a major success! Five companies presented their technology and vision, and networked, and agreed on a strategy for expansion. Read More Watch here Read More

Live from the La Kretz Innovation Center, Riggs Eckelberry reports on OriginClear’s First Water Conference, and on the development of a collaborative of equals in the OriginClear Group. Read More Watch here Read More

Features unique, patent-protected line of prefabricated water treatment systems

OriginClear, Inc., announced that on July 25, 2018, its Modular Water Systems division (, received its first order totaling about $60,000. Read More

CEO Riggs Eckelberry says our “water barons” will meet at the La Kretz Innovation Center, just like June’s all-day event for WaterChain, and explains how OriginClear is acquiring individuals and small companies benefiting from the outsourcing boom. Read More Watch here Read More

CEO Riggs Eckelberry commented on the effect the resurgent oil business will have on their company. Read More

CEO Riggs Eckelberry announced their first Modular Water sale. Read More Watch here Read More