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Waste water is a growing problem as industry, agriculture and communities expand, droughts force the need for reclamation, and aquifers and reservoirs become polluted. Meanwhile, previously lightly-regulated regions of the world are enforcing much stricter environmental regulations.

Better water treatment technology can solve these challenges.

Raw sewage into a river on which communities depend.

Raw sewage into a river on which communities depend.

Our mission is water clarity. We do the heavy lifting at the beginning of the process, making filters and membranes in the rest of the system last much longer, because they won’t clog up as fast. We do this by efficiently removing most of the oils and solids that are suspended in waste water, and destroying much of the bacteria.

The Technology

OriginClear’s breakthrough water cleanup technology, called Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), is a high-speed, primarily chemical free process that efficiently extracts suspended contaminants from very large quantities of water.

EWS targets the one to twenty-five micron size oil droplets and suspended particles for coagulation and flotation. Other technologies are less effective at removing these small particles.

Our process effluents are:

  • Clarified water that filters and membranes can treat for dissolved solids and other invisible contaminants.
  • Concentrated waste that can be economically turned into energy, for example.

Accessing Our Technology

If you have existing processes for waste water treatment, consider integrating EWS into your systems to make them more efficient and scalable. We will license our technology to you under private label. Simply click on the banner at the bottom of this page.

Test Results and Benefits

  • Up to a 99.9% reduction in free oil and other organic chemicals
  • Up to a 99.5% reduction in suspended solids.
  • Up to a 98% reduction of bacteria levels.
  • Improved regulatory compliance.
  • Reduction of wastewater treatment fees.
  • Increased efficiency in removals of downstream dissolved solids.
  • Reduced footprint compared with settling tanks, gravity separators or biological treatment basins.
  • Ennesys successfully implemented a prototype EWS Waste system to process liquid human waste sewage into nutritious water for growing algae in its integrated sustainable energy system in Paris, France.

OriginClear Successfully Treats Disaster Cleanup Water

Recent floodwaters completely invaded an electrical manufacturing plant, leaving behind industrially-contaminated mud. Deploying its self-contained mobile unit incorporating EWS, OriginClear cleaned up the water that disaster crews used to wash away the mud.

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Full-duty commercial system builds on to lab and pilot unit manufacturing capabil

OriginClear, Inc. announced that its Asian subsidiary has manufactured the company’s first standalone commercial system, and is preparing to ship it to a Chinese industrial customer. This is a compact, full-duty commercial system that uses OriginClear’s Advanced Oxidation Process, AOx™, to remove ammonia from high-salinity effluent from an electrode-plating facility. OriginClear deploys AOx by itself, when water is already free of suspended solids. Read More

Partnership opens potential 2017 installations in a market growing at 12% annually

OriginClear, Inc. announced today that the company has entered into a license agreement with Permionics Global Technologies LLP, the emerging technologies division of Permionics Membranes Pvt Ltd, a leading Indian filtration and membrane solutions provider for process, waste water recycling and water treatment. Read More

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Hashing Out the Future of BlockChain for the Water Industry  
February 17, 2018

Hashing Out the Future of BlockChain for the Water Industry

Global Water Intelligence: "OriginClear plans to initiate an ICO for its WaterChain platform later this year. “We’ve decided to do it all under US Securi­ties law so we’re being extremely compliant,” said Eckelberry."
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Breakthrough Wastewater Treatment for FOG Removal  
February 12, 2018

Breakthrough Wastewater Treatment for FOG Removal

Water Technology: "OriginClear’s combined process, EWS:AOx, is fast, versatile and low maintenance. It has a small on-site footprint, uses a low amount of consumables and cost-efficiently treats food and dairy wastewater."
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