Serving the Globe From Our Asian Hub, OriginClear Hong Kong

OriginClear Hong Kong Overseas SubsidiaryAs we moved into full commercialization in 2015, we created a wholly-owned overseas subsidiary in Hong Kong SAR, OriginClear (HK) Co., Ltd. The company is the Master License for the People’s Republic of China (PRC), with the right to create licensees and joint ventures for that country.

In addition, OriginClear Technologies is a marketing, support and manufacturing resource for all Asia-Pacific partners and conducts ongoing R&D activities to benefit all of our partners. The company’s established base in Yixing, Jiangsu Province in mainland China, also provides water sample evaluation services to prospects and potential partners.

Through this combination of resources, we can offer the most cost-effective water cleanup systems to our partners and customers worldwide, while enabling technology transfers to integration partners.

Manufacturing From Our Overseas Subsidiary

Engineering excellence is the key to technology adoption. Therefore, we have established our certified manufacturing site in China to provide all licensees with the core parts of the Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation (EWS:AOx™) technology.

We can also supply complete OEM systems, made for specific prototyping purposes, or to support non-manufacturing licensees throughout the world.

Licensees preserve the right to fabricate EWS:AOx systems themselves for integration into their own production.

Serving non-Asian markets from Los Angeles

In the meantime, OriginClear Technologies continues to support its partners in the American, European, Middle Eastern and African markets from the company’s head office in Los Angeles, California.