Algae Water Treatment FREEWATERBOXSustainability with Algae Harvesting

In 2011, OriginClear helped launch Ennesys to target France’s sustainable energy law, RT 2020, which requires that buildings achieve a positive energy balance, while treating their own effluents, by the year 2020. Ennesys proposed to feed algae with sanitized wastewater, using algae harvesting to generate energy onsite. Ennesys immediately began working with large builders such as Global 500 multinational Bouygues.

In addition to its original investment, OriginClear has provided algae harvesting, water sanitizing equipment and technical expertise.

Algae Water Treatment FREEWATERBOX

Integrated in 40′ ISO containers, Ennesys’ FREEWATERBOX is easy to transport, install and scale.

Late in 2013, OriginClear transferred three non-core patents to Ennesys on preferential payment terms to cement its technology position.

Today, Ennesys offers a modular system, the FREEWATERBOX®, which turns liquid organic wastes into high value-added resources, actually making monetizing of remediation a reality.

Based on a phyco-remediation, or wastewater treatment using algae, process using micro-algae, the innovative FREEWATERBOX® is a standard, self contained, plug & play and scalable system, that treats wastewater and organic waste simultaneously for 300 to 3,000 people.