Cobalt Aqua ControlCobalt Aqua Control, LLC (Cobalt) partnered with OriginClear in April 2016. Cobalt utilizes OriginClear’s proprietary Advanced Oxidation technology (EWS:AOx™) to power the production system for its core product: H2S-Neutralizer™ (H2S-N™), a liquid that can significantly improve oil recovery, reduce corrosive gas in the crude stream and increase overall ROI for oil and gas operators.

Oil Recovery

H2S-N has demonstrated a dramatic improvement in oil recovery ratios, as evidenced by a stable increase of well-head pressure. In addition, H2S-N has been shown to significantly reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration in the crude stream.

Cobalt Aqua H2S-N Install

Cobalt installing its H2S-N system at a customer’s gas production well in Texas.

Reducing hydrogen sulfide in crude oil can not only improve the value of crude by 8 to 10%, but also worker safety and logistics, because containers and pipelines require frequent maintenance when used with crude oil contaminated with as little as 5ppm of H2S.

“In the first field trial we did with H2S, we were able to increase wellhead pressure in a gas well from an unstable 20 psi to an average 40 psi for a six-month period, said William Germano Jr., Co-founder and Manager of Cobalt Aqua Control. “Working with OriginClear will help oil and gas operators get more value out of their production, with minimal environmental impact.”

Cobalt is engaged with distributors as well as individual consultants who are tasked with building a customer base for the Cobalt products.

Founded in 2012, Cobalt focuses on environmentally responsible answers to several issues facing the upstream, mid-stream and downstream oil and gas supply chain market. Its strategy is to commercialize its products and applications through established distribution channels and industry consultants as well as its own sales force.

H2S-N Pumped Into Well Head

The H2S-N being pumped into the well head.

With offices in Houston and Corpus Christi, Cobalt will also set up manufacturing locations in high demand areas where there is a ready customer base and distribute the product into these areas.

OriginClear has licensed its proprietary technology and know-how to Cobalt, to power its H2S-N process.

For an immediate quote, please contact Bill Germano by email or by phone at (832) 630-0393.