CleanTech Los Angeles (CTLA) is dedicated to establishing Los Angeles as a global leader in clean technologies. OriginClear is proud to support CTLA and its collaboration partners in a joint effort to create a clean tech hub and Centers of Excellence that result in a cleaner environment, a higher quality of life, and regional economic benefit in the form of long-term job and career opportunities.

OriginClear is a Platinum member of The Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles(SBC). In April 2015, OriginClear won the Sustainable Seedling Small Business Award at the Fourth Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards.

SBC is a non-profit organization which provides professional networking, mentoring, and educational forums to sustainable business professionals in Southern California. The organization’s goal is to help members improve their operating efficiencies, profit margins, and staff productivity as they reduce the ecological impact of their products and services.

OriginClear is a proud member of the California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy. California Business Alliance was created to amplify the business voice in support of policies to help move us toward cleaner energy, less dependence on petroleum, and to help us avoid the economic and social disruptions associated with climate change.