OriginClear Technologies Wastewater Treatment

Before and after of produced water treated by OriginClear in Bakersfield to irrigation and steam production quality.
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For its first eight years of existence, OriginClear focused on its wastewater treatment technologies. In 2015, OriginClear Technologies was launched as an internal division, alongside the OriginClear Group.

Our mission is to develop Electro Water Separation™ with Advanced Oxidation™ (EWS:AOx™) and achieve this breakthrough technology’s full recognition as an international industry standard in addressing the world’s increasingly complex wastewater treatment challenges. By doing so, OriginClear continues to grow as a leading provider of water cleanup services.

For this purpose, OriginClear Technologies division relies on an ongoing strong R&D and engineering activity for the development of its technology, while actively building its licensees, joint ventures and partners network for commercial development.

Wastewater Treatment Technologies

OriginClear’s commercial-scale demonstration unit, at a field testing location in Kern County, California.

A key element of this strategy is OriginClear Technologies’ Hong Kong-based subsidiary that manages Asian and Oceanian market development.

Both OriginClear Technologies in Hong Kong and Progressive Water Treatment (PWT), the OriginClear Group company based in Texas, are OriginClear Certified Manufacturers, capable of supplying complete engineered EWS:AOx systems to licensees and direct customers.

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