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OriginClear’s products and services are key to the self-reliant water treatment revolution for commercial and industrial locations as they create “instant infrastructure”. Plug-n-play packages fully engineered for onsite install, prefabricated with durable materials, containerized or skid mountings.



OriginClear is a leader in Modular Water Systems and fully engineered productized water treatment in a box units.   We provide standardized packages with common volume capacities for onsite closed-loop systems at commercial business locations.  Our products and systems incorporate state durable materials to prevent corrosion and extend lifetime operations with lower costs.  We pair our units with Control Panels loaded with remote monitoring systems for managed services and utilize PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) automation of system functions and digital human interfaces that enable remote internet monitoring and operation with mobile digital devices. 

Some modular water products utilize high density thermo-plastics (HDPE) and proprietary, innovative prefabrication methods and materials that deliver the longest life and strongest products. Our hybrid systems can convert toxic nutrients to less harmful compounds, and even capture them for beneficial reuse purposes. OriginClear’s water treatment equipment can boost real estate asset value as a fundamental capital improvement, combined with long-lasting water savings for the corporate bottom line.



Water Treatment & Purification



















Water Conveyance

Pump & Lift Stations



Storage Tanks & Vessels



Control Rooms & Monitoring Stations


Water Management

subsurface wastewater treatment system










Custom Fabrication (2)


Specialty Modules & Component Assembly


System Upgrades


System Integration


Retrofits & System Expansions


Managed Services


Design & Build Services


Membrane Replacement


Remote Monitoring


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