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Modular Water Treatment & Conveyance Products

OriginClear offers a complete line of Modular Water Products. We are in the business of designing and manufacturing Modular Water  Systems™ for the purpose of Modular Water Treatment. Our products embrace water purification, water conveyance and storage, and wastewater management.

OriginClear Leads in Modular Products & On-Site Water Treatment Systems 

  • Fully-Prepackaged product line for fast rollout and lower initial cost.
  • Built in the factory and trucked in complete.
  • Standardized pump stations, waste water treatment systems, specialty agricultural systems, produced water systems, mobile system deployment and more.
  • High-speed design software delivers full specs and BOMs in days instead of weeks.
  • Rigid self-standing thermoplastic containers last up to 100 years in the ground, minimal foundation requirements (just a pad and collar or strapping).
  • Extensive references and case studies available from projects throughout the USA.

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  • Enhanced Controls with Remote Monitoring & Alerts.
  • Fully-designed for easier permitting.
  • Certified for full compliance with most common sizes and throughputs, safety requirements, regulatory compliance. Excellent risk mitigation potential.
  • Closed-loop systems for safeguarding the environment with Near-Zero Waste Processes.
  • Patented for Basis of Design by industry visionary Daniel M. Early PE.
  • Proprietary mix of product engineering, total solution development, and advanced heavy plastic manufacturing benefit Consulting Engineers and End-Users alike.