Test 1: Treatment of Glyphosate by Indirect and Direct AOx


In August 2017, we announced successful treatment of the microtoxin, glyphosate.

Two separate solutions of approximately 300ppm (parts per million) glyphosate, using commercial herbicide formula, and 300 ppm salt, in ordinary tap water, were prepared for both tests to demonstrate the feasibility of AOx technology to treat glyphosate in water. Two different tests were done using AOx in both indirect and direct oxidation reactions.

Major results are:

  • ≥ 99.3% glyphosate removal in 60 minutes via Indirect Oxidation
  • ≥ 95.8% glyphosate removal in 10 minutes via Direct Oxidation

Notes on detection limit:

The low detection limit for this laboratory is 1.8ppb (parts per billion). 1ppb is approximately equivalent to a drop of water in 13,200 gallons, the size of a 14-by-28-foot swimming pool.

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