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Water Skyrockets As a Commodity

Aug 24, 2015 2:25:43 PM

Good morning!

Scarcities Make Booms

Back in 1973, oil took off through the roof. Scarcity.

Later, we had precious metals ramp up. Scarcity.

So what does this headline make you think of?

CEO update

Thinking Africa, or the Middle East, or Asia?

How about Texas?

Texas Community Development

That is a scarcity graph.

Texas is booming its way right into a seven million acre foot per year deficit. That's seven million homes without water.

Sure enough, markets are waking up to the situation:


WallStreet -  Commodity of the future


Sure... like, right in Texas, and California, and other places close to home.

"The market is incredibly fragmented"

Worldwide, the water services industry is set to double its annual revenues to $1 trillion by 2020.

Just one problem!


GWI confronting fragmentation


Someone's going to have to aggregate the customers.

All the action's in water services.

Pretty good reason to be excited about acquiring water service companies, wouldn't you say?
Have a great week.

Riggs and Team

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