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University Research... and the Algae Biomass Summit!

Sep 24, 2013 9:23:18 AM

Good morning!

OriginOil technology gets independent university research

Welcome to Dr. Matt L. Julius of the Department of Biological Sciences at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, who has been testing our algae process for a prospective customer, with encouraging results.

With funding from that customer, he now has one of our test systems permanently in the lab, an EWS Model 12, known as the Algae Appliance™. Matt plans to carry out extensive independent research that will be peer-reviewed.

We can't wait.

Testing a new product for healthy, fast-growing algae

Dr. Julius also plans to test a new process that algae producers can use to keep algae healthy.

It’s a prototype of our Algae Screen™, invented more than two years ago and now making it into the market to meet a major need.

Algae Screen continuously saves algae. University-Research

Algae producers are faced with the problem of how to keep invaders out of their ponds and tanks.

These invaders can be small, like bacteria, or larger, like rotifers, named for their wheel-like mouths (which you can see here).

Invaders like these can cause a pond to "crash". And they can also take out all the valuable parts of the algae, like the oils.

In fact, more useful algae, made to grow lots of oil, are especially targeted!

But they have a weak spot: unlike algae, these invaders do not have a tough cell wall, and so they can be killed off by our electro pulsing system, without harming the algae.

What's more, the gentle electrical pulses can stimulate the algae to grow better!

Producers can just hang one of these devices in each pond or tank and it will continuously maintain and stimulate healthy algae growth, without using chemicals.

We intend to make Algae Screens available widely and at very low cost to help algae producers everywhere control algae quality and achieve a "growth miracle".

We look forward to this independent testing by Dr. Matt Julius to help us optimize our commercial products!

Meet our team at the Algae Biomass Summit!

The biggest algae conference of the year is happening at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, Florida on September 30 - October 3, 2013.

Come see us!

We will have a major booth presence, and our own Jose Sanchez will speak on Wednesday, October 2, at 11am, on "Electro Water Separation™: a Breakthrough in Harvesting and Microbial Control Facilitates Commercialization of Algae Biomass Systems"

Jose and our Global Sales Manager Marlene Stewart will be at our booth to answer all your questions. Great videos will be running.

Tell them Riggs and Nicholas sent you.

We are at two other conferences at the same time...

Bill has some heavy meetings ahead... stay tuned. There's major activity brewing for us in Oil and Gas.

Have a great week!

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)

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