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The Money Matrix

Mar 19, 2014 12:46:53 PM

Good morning!

Flash! Deal News!

Got this email yesterday from Nicholas in Japan:

Great news, just signed an LOI [Letter Of Intent] with _____________ for algae-food systems._____________ is a chemical company with many animal feed company clients in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Singapore and of course Japan...

This is fantastic! The world's 500-billion dollar feed industry needs algae.

For fish, algae is much cheaper than fish meal, and doesn't have the mercury toxins.

And when you feed cattle a diet of 30-60% algae, their fat becomes omega-rich... much healthier for humans.

And, here's a bonus, they produce less gas as they digest, which means less global warming!

As meat production takes off (the real boom in demand is in Asia's fast-growing middle classes), algae might be the world's solution to growing feed scarcity.

As Nicholas put it:

This is the “new” focus of algae, back to the original intent in the 70’s. Food for a growing population.


The Money Matrix

How are we doing, where are we going? To answer these questions, I unveiled this simple tool in our weekly guest slot on the Big Biz Show.

I call it the Money Matrix. Our able Chief Commercial Officer, "JL" Kindler, created it.


Why it's a "Money Matrix"

It's a Money Matrix because it shows ACTIVE LICENSING PARTNERS: licensees who are rolling out our technology commercially right now. The eventual result is revenue.

Along the top, you have the main regions of the world ("EMEA" means Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Along the left, you can see our three "active" markets: oil and gas, aquaculture and algae.

Right now, we have two licensing partners in commercial rollout:

  • Petro: PearlBlue, PACE's frack water cleanup company, is readying a complete container-based water cleanup system - check out the construction time lapse here.
  • Algae: Japan's ORCA Vision is building vertical farms in Japan, Korea and China and integrating our technology into them.

So that's why we have a "1" in Petro/North America, and in Algae/Asia.

Each time we add a partner in a new area, an "X" will be replaced by a "1".

What's our goal?

In general, we're looking for three non-exclusive licensees for each cell in the matrix; which adds up to 27 altogether. (The actual number in each cell could vary.)

With the prospective new Japan deal I just mentioned, looks like we are about to increase the number in the "Algae/Asia" box to TWO!

And more to come. We are now making licensing deals on a regular basis. As they roll out, they'll get added to the matrix.

I'll keep you updated regularly now that we have momentum...

Showcase update

Speaking of updates, next week I expect to announce the final date and specific location for our big California frack water cleanup showcase. Schedules are falling in place!

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)

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