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Revenue Takes Off

Dec 18, 2015 6:01:13 AM

Good morning!

What a pleasure, forecasting real cash flows for 2016.

That's because revenues are really happening at OriginClear.

Big Sales in Texas

We're seeing a string of seven-figure deals at our subsidiary, Dallas-based Progressive Water.

This team is on fire!

We're also helping them with a new website and e-commerce, too, with the potential for even more revenue.

Real Technology Sales 

In China, inventor and manufacturer Mr. Ming Xu, has committed $1 million over two months, just for the right to set up joint ventures with us there. (We already received $150,000.)

That's real revenue!

Selling rights is our business — we sell technology, not pieces of equipment. It's very profitable.

That's a million dollars. For rights. In China. With more to come!

Pretty amazingly cool.

Well done to "JL" Kindler and Nicholas Eckelberry, who have jetted back and forth to China for months to make this happen...

Profitability on the horizon

Here are the pieces that need to fall in place for profitability:

  1. Continued growth at PWT.
  2. A second acquisition.
  3. More technology revenue.

It's too early to disclose exactly when we believe we will be profitable, but it is on the horizon!

This is very exciting indeed.

Holiday Party at PWT

Bill and I just got back from Progressive Water, where we had a big holiday party with the whole company, including their spouses and friends.

Marc Stevens Riggs Eckelberry Bill Charneski PWT Dinner 7 Dec 15

Here I am, with Presidents Marc Stevens (PWT) on the left and Bill Charneski (OriginClear Group) on the right. Both rockstars!

It was a pleasure meeting with the whole team and spending time with them. They are a powerhouse.

Here's to safe and happy holidays, and let's all have a great big 2016!

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OOIL)

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