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What's A Private Water Utility?

Apr 21, 2022 3:03:14 PM

Happy Thursday!

Over the past two days we have made a significant, great leap forward. I'll be introducing it tonight and I will be looking for your feedback! Open chat.

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A Vital Public Disclosure

Apr 14, 2022 1:29:08 PM

Good morning!

Later today, OriginClear will file a very significant 8-K.

What's an 8-K? It's simply a required report of material events.

Meaning, events that matter to investors. It's how public companies disclose information properly.

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Annual Report Filed!

Apr 7, 2022 12:23:33 PM

Good morning!

I'm very happy to announce that we filed our annual report (Form 10-K) this morning!

Yes, we continue to improve our filings every deadline. This time, we filed about a week before the standard regulatory grace period ran out!

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Inside The Tornado...

Mar 30, 2022 6:15:00 AM

What does this have to do with Stripe?

Good morning!

The hottest thing right now is the Stripe IPO. I hear investors are snapping up pre-IPO shares at a $125 BILLION valuation...! Yikes!

What's the secret behind all this? Actually, it's all in a trio of high-tech books that I find unbelievably powerful.

These three books are the key to what we're doing with Water On Demand™*. And how we could reach our own home-run success.

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The Water On Demand Summit

Mar 23, 2022 4:02:25 PM

Water Like An Oil Well™ Launches!

Good Afternoon!

I took this photo as the OriginClear management team was meeting in my home in Clearwater, Florida. (Click on the photo to see the names of the people in this shot...)

What was going on?

This was our first Water On Demand Summit.

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Our First Instagram Live!

Mar 16, 2022 11:03:06 AM

Good morning!

Last week, Sustainability Champions featured us in our first Instagram Live ("IG Live") event... and I have to say the questions were very, very well put.

Increasingly, we are being seen as a vital asset that has only begun to be available to "regular investors". And unlike other assets, water has only begun its run.

This Thursday, you will get the hottest excerpts from this hour-long interview.

But that's not all...

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Tonight - Dan Early!

Mar 10, 2022 1:38:00 PM

Our Chief Engineer reports from Alabama 

A week ago, our brilliant Chief Engineer reported in from the Suntrace Mobile Home Park in Troy, Alabama.

The report is fascinating. We covered his progress in turning the Pondster™ Clear Lagoon System into a world-class solution, not just for trailer parks, but for... what else?

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Water and Millionaires...

Mar 3, 2022 12:35:03 PM

Happy Thursday!

Tony Bradshaw asks...

Is money slipping through your fingers? Are you missing your opportunity to become a millionaire? The Millionaire Choice is the podcast where host Tony Bradshaw talks to millionaires and future millionaires about how to build wealth and what to do with it once you have it.

Why did he become interested in Water On Demand™? The answer tonight in a video sneak peek of the podcast he recorded with me.

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Will Supply Chain Delays Continue?

Feb 24, 2022 6:00:00 AM

A shareholder sent me an article about supply chain disruptions.

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Our freestyle format returns!

Feb 17, 2022 12:29:43 PM

FLASH! We were quoted in Forbes!Find out about it tonight!

If you were "live" last week, you saw that Ken Berenger and Andrea d'Agostini stepped in while I had to deal with repeated computer crashes.

Well you know what? We kind of like that format! We think it is more informative and interesting. Do you agree?

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Super Backwardation

Feb 9, 2022 5:14:04 PM


"Deepest Backwardation Since ‘07 Shows World Short on Commodities"

“I’ve Never Seen A Market Like This”: Goldman Sees Shortages Of Everything, “You Name It, We’re Out Of It”


Screaming headlines. What's going on?

Backwardation? That simply means the current (spot) price is higher than the future price.

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Water On Demand Interim Services

Feb 3, 2022 3:19:51 PM

Happy Thursday!

Tik tok, tik tok... Water On Demand™ capital is edging closer to the million dollar mark each day.

I will give you the update tonight...

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The State of The Company 2022

Jan 26, 2022 11:40:32 PM

Dear Supporter!

Well... Here we are in early 2022. Whew!

It seems like a good time to review where we've been, where we are, where we're going.

That's what I will be doing tomorrow on my Weekly CEO Briefing.

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Growing Water On Demand Capital

Jan 20, 2022 1:02:58 PM

Happy Thursday!

We are adding capital nearly every day to our Water On Demand subsidiaries to fund water treatment as a service*.

The Million Dollar Mark

I expect to announce very soon that we have passed the MILLION DOLLAR mark.

This capital is DEDICATED to Water On Demand. Not only that, it is potentially a growing asset base that we can leverage in many ways, including (eventually) a NASDAQ up-list.

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A world-class exec joins us

Jan 13, 2022 1:00:23 PM

Happy Thursday!

Over the past three years, we have steadily built a world-class management team.

Already, Marc Stevens was managing our Dallas operation with extreme professionalism, backed by his dynamic President of Sales, Mike Jenkins.

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Toyota Overcomes General Motors

Jan 6, 2022 11:52:54 AM

Happy New Year!

I hope that you had a great holiday and that you are busy making great changes happen in 2022!

End of An Era

Yesterday, Advisor Ivan Anz shared this BBC headline with me:

General Motors 90-year reign as top US car seller ends

"Japan's Toyota claimed the top spot, selling more than 2.3 million vehicles last year, up 10%." BBC News

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Growing mass media focus on our solution

Dec 16, 2021 12:11:12 PM

Happy Thursday!

Media is paying increasing attention to Water On Demand™. On the heels of two Newsweek articles and the Newsmax TV morning new show, a Newsy interview is slated for publishing, and I'm told Forbes has shown interest in the story!

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The national water debate heats up

Dec 7, 2021 11:11:29 AM

Good afternoon!

Our water crisis is now national news, and we are part of the conversation!

We have the solution: give the nation's investors a chance to pitch in, with Water On Demand™, the first-ever direct investment in water systems!

And the royalties flow...*

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One Billion Gallons of clean, blue water

Dec 2, 2021 2:01:24 PM

Good afternoon!

OK - seeing you tonight. Be sure to click here to register!

Whew! We are moving so fast. 

The "Water as an Oil Well" idea is so powerful, investors are falling in love with the idea of finally being able to invest in a gusher... of clean, blue water.

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The growing market that the big players are ignoring - so far

Nov 24, 2021 3:01:52 PM

Happy Wednesday!

No briefing tomorrow. The next briefing is on Thursday December 2nd. Be sure to click here to register!

Us Americans will enjoy a fine Thanksgiving and count our blessings...

More Funds Banked

Two weeks ago today, we announced that we had taken first funds on Water On Demand™. The investments continued this week.

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