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OriginOil at the Department of Energy

May 17, 2013 12:07:15 PM

Good morning!

Remember the DOE?

You haven’t been hearing about our research program with the Department of Energy, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle.

Under this program, we just built a lab-scale algae growing and harvesting system that DOE's Idaho National Laboratory (INL) will use to produce algal biomass that will support work they are doing for the DOE.  In return, we get valuable input on how to improve our systems.

Here’s a photo (also on Facebook) showing the bioreactors for growth that we built for INL, and in the background our Algae Appliance™ for harvesting:

Alex Leshnick, our general manager for licensing and patenting, also manages our DOE relationship. He was responsible for setting up this system at the INL.

DOE Sysyem

Alex reports:

I wanted to provide everyone with an update to the successful installation of our Algae Appliance and our two 'Vortex' Bioreactors at the Idaho National Laboratory.

Overall the team at the INL was very impressed with the performance of the Algae Appliance and the design improvements we have made since the last installation last November….

I know the DOE is excited to begin work with the growth and harvesting system and I am impressed with the good work we have been able to accomplish together as a team!

Outstanding job, Alex.

"Pay By The Gallon" Gets Attention!

Our announcement early this week about our performance based program is making waves!

Already we have half a dozen talks going with potential buyers.

Everyone loves "no money down, pay as you go". This is how we are getting around the incredibly long time it takes to sell major capital equipment...

We are moving quickly to take advantage of this sales acceleration program.

MoneyTV today

On today's MoneyTV interview, I discuss this development, and also how we manage to stay on top of our multiple lines of business.

Well, we took inspiration from the Microsoft model and organized ourselves into three separate business units, each headed by a highly talented general manager.

I'm happy to report that this is working out extremely well.

Enjoy your weekend!

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)

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