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Now We Really Are a Group

Aug 27, 2018 3:05:29 AM

Good morning!

Here's my report on the First Water Conference.

On the show, I also reported on my trip last week to New York, in which we made progress in funding a new slate of acquisitions*.

(That’s potential. What's real, is the launch of Modular Water Systems, our new division that got its first deal within 30 days of launch! Stay tuned for more great news on Modular, and also our own Progressive Water...)

Reporting on the First Water Conference and on developing more acquisitions*

The United States of Water™

The five water veterans who presented at the Conference agree strongly with our principle, that we operate as a "group of equals".

That's a key reason why companies are interested in joining us... our culture of equality and support.

Weekly CEO Briefings

For a  limited time, I am giving a weekly briefing that is open to a maximum of 100 listeners. Sign up here. It's every Thursday at 5pm, West Coast time.

I gave my first briefing last Thursday. It was a chance to review the company's history and everything that I could talk about publicly.

I strongly recommend you listen to it, or read the transcript. Both are posted now at the new CEO Briefing page.

One of the topics in the briefing was the new limited secured offering for accredited investors only.

For more information, simply email invest@originclear.com or call 323-939-6645 ext 116 for details.

Grateful and excited

As we enter the last month of the quarter, I'm grateful for your support, and excited about the way forward.

Have a great week!

Your CEO,


Riggs Eckelberry
President CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

* ACQUISITIONS DISCLAIMER: While I am encouraged by the talks last week in New York, there is much work to be done to complete our new slate of potential acquisitions! At this point we have a reasonable chance of success, but I cannot give you any assurances. Please rely only on our definitive announcements.

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