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Now Open for Business in Houston!

Feb 24, 2014 8:49:48 AM

Good morning!

We are operational in Texas!

Bill Charneski, our capable new General Manager of OriginOil Petro, didn't waste any time setting up our new Houston office which we announced just two weeks ago.

He reported on Friday:

OriginOil Now Open for Business in Houston

OriginOil’s new Houston office is officially open for business and is located at 3300 S. Gessner Road, Suite 268, close to the heart of the “Energy Corridor”. 

Thanks to the groundwork done by Lee Portillo, very successful meetings were held with [two key industry players], and they have already agreed to move ahead with our testing program.

Well done Bill!

As you can see below, he's already got the place furnished and in business.

Our good friends at Advantek International also lease space here and we've received a warm neighbor's welcome.


Lee Portillo's Promotion

Lee joined us just a few months ago and in that short time has advanced our oil and gas business substantially.

His level-headed professionalism, open team attitude and his in-depth knowledge of the water cleanup industry have impressed us greatly.

As a result, Lee is now our VP of Engineering, responsible for interfacing with the Research and Development team on one side, and the Commercial team on the other.

Welcome to the job, Lee! We are very happy you are with us.

California drought news

Farmers are being hard-hit by California's epic drought. Here's the latest AP story.

"My gross sales are probably going to be cut in half," said Bill Diedrich, who farms 1,500 acres of almonds, tomatoes and other crops in the parched Central Valley community of Firebaugh. "Some farmers out here are going to lose everything they've got."

Fracking must be coupled with aggressive recycling to be accepted at all in California.

Petro showcase on track

Quick update: we have a short list of sites in the Bakersfield area for the upcoming showcase, and we are coordinating with elected officials to ensure their calendars are clear for the proposed date.

The engineering teams both here and at our licensee Pearl Blue (that's the name of the PACE subsidiary) are well along in their preparations.

Check out how OriginOil technology is integrated into Pearl Blue's systems... (view brochure)

We're excited!

Have a great week.
Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry

President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)


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