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GEN 2... DONE!

Oct 5, 2014 8:16:54 PM

Good morning!

Back in August, I challenged our Andrew Davies to complete GEN 2 construction by the end of September.

At 7:43PM on Tuesday the 30th of September, he sent me these photos...

Andrew and the fabrication team, sometimes working around the clock, had done it!

Assembling OriginOil's GEN 2 prototype,  featuring touch-screen controls and double-banked Single Step Extraction™ tubes. Assembling OriginOil's GEN 2 prototype, featuring touch-screen controls and double-banked Single Step Extraction™ tubes.

What a beauty!

This module is designed to handle up to 3,000 barrels per day (bpd) of contaminated water.

Up to four of these can fit into a 40-foot container, achieving as much as 12,000 bpd, or more than half a million gallons each day!

Want more? Just add more containers. That's modular...

Off to Colorado

Now that good-lookin' black-and-silver GEN 2 will be trucked out to Delta, Colorado.

There, our friends at ISI will help us put it through its paces using real frack flowback water.

I'll report on the results as we light it up!

Meanwhile, back in West Texas...

All last week, truckload after truckload of frack and produced water rolled into that Salt Water Disposal (SWD) site near Midland, Texas.

Profoundly happy, our partners watched as our VP Engineering, Lee Portillo, adjusted for variations in the fluids from different wells throughout the region.

The result: consistently great results.

Our GEN 1 industrial demo system was up and running!

That's how we are proving the tech to prospective clients, with real contaminated water in the field.

Meanwhile, we ramp up GEN 2 to deal with 10,000 bpd and well beyond.

Big Algae Conference Success!

Heard at the ABO Summit: "this is the hottest thing on this show!" (Hugh Morris, AlgEternal, see him at the booth)

You see, the Algae Biomass Summit is the algae industry's premier conference, held this year in San Diego.

We showed off the latest OriginOil Algae Harvester, and Nicholas Eckelberry spoke on efficient algae harvesting for animal feed, the newest industry trend.

A TV crew from the Big Biz Show was on hand to record it all... Watch it now!

[video id="14292" title="Nicholas Eckelberry making a point at the Algae Biomass Summit." align="center" width="430"]

You can also see my brother's presentation at this link (PDF).

Why our technology is so special

For the first time, Nicholas referred to our technology as "Catalytic Harvesting", which is part of our "secret sauce".

A catalyst is something that changes things but doesn't itself change.

So, a catalytic process concentrates the algae but — super important — won't leave chemicals or metals in the algae. That's key to algae for feed!

Let us know if you're interested to know more about that.

Remember: if you order now, you may STILL qualify for a $20,000 discount on this harvester. 

Just click sales@originoil.com for more information.

And... have a great week!


Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)


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