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Commercial Breakthrough in Bakersfield

Aug 15, 2016 12:07:18 AM

Hi again!

It's been an exciting summer. Recently I toured the USA with Bill Charneski to visit potential acquisitions, and we are deep in discussions...

Meanwhile, our Technology team has really stolen the limelight!

Bakersfield is happening. Earlier this summer, our licensee, ECT Services & Solutions, purchased a commercial demo-scale system from us and built its ECOPOD around it.

The ECOPOD is now in operation at an oil field evaporation pond in the Bakersfield area. It is reliably cleaning what they call "Produced water".

You see, California regulators are pushing for recycling of this Produced water. The oil industry is willing, but existing methods have been expensive and often use chemicals.

Combining our technology with its own, ECT believes it can clean water to drinkable standards for a reasonable price.

Oil industry execs have been visiting the site, and are excited.

Last Wednesday, Talbott Howard, Founder and CEO of ECT, showed off our technology at an oil industry conference, hosted by our research partner, California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB).

Here's a snapshot taken during the video that Talbott showed to the university and oil industry audience.

Click on it to view the video!


In the photo, you can see the progression from Produced water to the final stage.

Drilling yields up to 13 gallons of wastewater for every gallon of petroleum.

In Bakersfield's Kern County alone, Talbott says we could be recycling 42 billion gallons of Produced water yearly.

Our 2015 documentary, California’s Great Drought: Can The Oil Industry Help? explored how this water could be reused for irrigation.

Now it's a reality.

I'm very proud of the OriginClear field team, headed by our co-founder and chief inventor, Nicholas Eckelberry, who also consults for ECT.

He works closely with ECT's Chief Technology Officer, Mike Green, a veteran member of our own technology team from some years back.

They are making our technology work reliably and commercially.

Electro Water Separation™ is becoming an accepted, next-generation technology!

(And it's generating revenue for our Technology Division, too.)

Have a great week!
Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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