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Aquaculture Showcase Update, New Analyst Coverage

Aug 27, 2013 12:48:16 PM

Bill-DaveGood morning!

Back on August 8th, our Bill Charneski met with Aqua Farming Tech's Dave Knight at one of their two farm sites. Here they are inspecting one of the fish ponds.

This is where the West Coast Showcase will be located this fall. Its ample facilities include a large solar array for energy independence (see photo of their solar farm).

We expect the Showcase to be up and running in September. We're organizing major industry events — more soon on this!

(And, if there's a West Coast Showcase, you can be assured that there will be an East Coast Showcase soon. More on that shortly...)

Showcase Machinery: Phase One

Andrew-Q60Here you see Andrew Davies putting the final touches to our Aquaculture Model Q60, already mounted on its pallet and trailer and due to go to the Showcase within the next week.

This unit will purify the water in the farm's hatchery, the young fish being the most sensitive to ammonia contamination.

We will also deliver a companion Algae Model A12 to harvest algae for economical fish feed.

(Did you know that algae for feed is about one-third the cost of fish meal, and it's healthier too?)

Showcase Machinery: Phase Two

The equipment built by Andrew and team will provide a fine interim system while our contract manufacturer completes the fully engineered product (check out the animation here).

I'm very proud of the quality of the work being done simultaneously by our in-house team and by our contract manufacturer.

Merriman Capital Initiates Coverage

Many thanks to Andrew D'Silva, Analyst at Merriman Capital, for his comprehensive coverage, initiated yesterday.

You can read the full report here.

20,000+ Facebook Likes

I'm proud to announce that we just passed 20,000 Likes on our Facebook page... Did you know that we have a Photo Stream for "behind the scenes" visuals?

Be sure to "Like" our page, too, to stay up to date!

Here's to a great week.

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)

PS: remember to schedule Jose Sanchez for your installation this year. Just email sales@originoil.com...

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