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French President Visits OriginOil Joint Venture

Oct 14, 2013 9:06:25 AM

Good morning!

Coverage in Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a major investor site, and featured us last week in its feature, "Let's Invest in Water".

We brought up the end of the roundup:

Lastly, OriginOil (OOIL.OB), in a similar fashion to Ecosphere, has developed technology to rapidly extract organic contaminants from large quantities of water without using chemicals. Their technology is focused on harvesting or extracting various organic compounds such as biofuels, fossil fuels and ammonia from water. Here are several videos for your enjoyment.

We're very pleased to see that we are positioned right up there with the "big boys", with better technology, pricing and flexibility.

Ennesys welcomes President François HollandeR-in-Paris-1

For three days, police teams secured the area, and snipers set up their positions.

Then, on the morning of Friday the 11th, President François Hollande arrived with his motorcade for a tour of Ennesys, our joint venture near Paris.

Ennesys had been chosen to represent "the sectors and technologies in which France can become a leader by 2030". (Innovation Commission 2030.)

Riggs in ParisTasting the algae harvest for the President

President Hollande toured the Ennesys showcase building and spoke at length with every member of the Ennesys team.

In a memorable moment, I demonstrated to him that our Algae Appliance completely sanitizes the algae harvest by... tasting the algae!

R-in-Paris-3Here we are in that moment, which also made it into the final frames of the official video.

My deepest admiration and congratulations to CEO Pierre Tauzinat, Associate Director Christine Grimault, CTO Jean-Louis Kindler, and the entire Ennesys team for this extraordinary achievement!

What does this mean?

France's "green buildings" regulation is among the most ambitious in the world, so major French builders want Ennesys' technology for cleaning up human sewage and generating energy from algae.

R-in-Paris-4This strong vote of support will help Ennesys navigate regulations and obtain government and institutional funding.

So yes, our European Technology Showcase is doing just fine...

(Here's a last shot, where we demonstrate our Algae Appliance™ to the French press. Click here to see larger versions of all these photos.)

Our first all-new website since 2007!

Check out our new website, rich with product and technology information as we move into full commercialization!

Kudos to the marketing and tech teams for many man-hours of hard work...

Have a great week.

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)

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