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Economic Slowdown & A Shift To Service

Feb 21, 2020 10:44:25 PM / by OriginClear Staff posted in Industry, Riggs Eckelberry, TV & Radio News, MoneyTV, OriginClear, Commercial Applications, Water Company, Decentralization, Water Independence



With economists calling for a slowdown, the long-term water industry shift to servicing and maintaining existing equipment and infrastructure is accelerating. With business owners seeking water independence, the demand for OriginClear's modular solutions is increasing, and the company is planning to enter the system service sector which typically does better during economic downturns.

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Depuporc System Presentation

Dec 4, 2019 3:42:18 PM / by OriginClear Staff posted in Advanced Oxidation, TV & Radio News, Black Water Treatment, Commercial Applications, Animal Farming

Spain’s Depuporc unveiled this integrated manure treatment system using OriginClear technology. The demonstration system processes 30 metric tons per day, with client-validated reduction of contaminants.

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Hello! From McKinney, Texas

May 22, 2019 11:46:00 PM / by OriginClear Staff posted in Commercial Applications, Update, Progressive Water Treatment, OriginClear Fabrication & Manufacturing

OriginClear COO Tom Marchesello introduces Progressive Water Treatment's Marc Stevens and Modular Water Systems Dan Early and provides an informal "sneak peek" at our Texas fabrication and manufacturing facility and some of the products being producing.

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