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Spanish Progress & The New Live CEO Briefing

OriginClear's Powerful New Asia-Pacific Strategic Partnership

OriginClear's New Look & Where It's Going

Mission Critical Technology For Animal Farming

Depuporc System Presentation

Solving Permian Water Issues

Why is Privatization Of Water Now Trending?

Big Water, Big Problems

Water & Real Estate Value

From $1 Trillion To $5 Trillion

From $1 Trillion to $5 Trillion

Capital Structure Cleanup & ESG

A Spanish Pilot Win - Cleaning Pig Manure!

Decentralized Water Wealth & ESG

The Value Of Self-Reliant Water

Newfound Integration & Commercial Alignment

OriginClear Quarterly Results and Outlook

OriginClear Announces Enough is Enough Campaign at AREDAY Summit

Enough is Enough. How Flint Should Have Been Handled!

OriginClear Discusses "Enough Is Enough" Campaign

OriginClear's Hottest Product

Removing Roundup® From Our Water

Scaling The Water System In A Box™

The "Water System in a Box" Era Begins

Hello! From McKinney, Texas

Above & Beyond Clear Water

Integration For Profitability

Annual 10K Report & Organic Growth Indicators

A California Water Tax, Or The Real Solution?

Rapid Growth & A Dynamic Team

Revenue Announcement & A Standardized Product Line

A Declaration of Water Independence

Enabling Water Independence With Modular Solutions

OriginClear's Growing International Market Presence

An Incremental Technology With Dynamic Scalability

Florida Water Woes & An OriginClear Growth Strategy

Localized Water Treatment & A National Sales Rep Network

It's Happening In The Lone Star State!

An Embracive Vision for Modular Water

Water Becomes the Hottest Space

Wall Street's $10 Million Assignment & Modular Water's Smart-Home IoT Aquappliance™

A Slate of Acquisitions & Solving the USA's "3rd World Country" Water Dilemma

OriginClear Has 'Slate of Acquisitions' Lined Up For 2019

Modular Water's First Customer

OriginClear’s Funding Resource

How Tesla Beat The Critics

OriginClear In The Tornado

Modular Water Takes Off

Modular Water Scores "Basis of Design"

Is Crypto Danger Going Away?

Introducing OriginClear’s Latest Invention

Why Crypto?

OriginClear Builds Momentum

Report on the First Water Conference

OriginClear’s First Water Conference

The First Water Conference

Announcing OriginClear’s First Water Conference!

Petro Industry Wins with OriginClear Technology

First Sale For Modular Water

A Deep Dive into OriginClear

The Launch of Modular Water Systems

The WaterChain Pre-Launch and Consortium Kickoff

WaterChain Rolls Out Industry Consortium

OriginClear Launches Rapid-Deployment Modular Product Line

WaterChain Founder to RestartX Conference: Solve Water Scarcity!

Can WaterChain Help Solve The Global Water Crisis?

How is Our Technology Doing?

Riggs Eckelberry on Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

OriginClear CEO Discusses WaterChain’s First Project in Puerto Rico

OriginClear Launches Seed Round for Planned ICO

OriginClear on World Water Day

OriginClear Delivers First Commercial Unit in China for Ammonia Removal

13 Minutes with Riggs Eckelberry

Exclusive Peek at New WaterChain Video

OriginClear to Earn Half Million Dollars in Spanish Deal

OriginClear Subsidiary Accelerates

WaterChain Presentation from d10e: Silicon Valley

The Coin Lab on MoneyTV

OriginClear To Develop WaterChain™ Blockchain Protocol

Reporting from the North American BitCoin Conference

Reviewing OriginClear’s Acquisition Activity

OriginClear CEO Outlines 2018 Commercial Milestones

Clear Water Emerges from Cow Manure

What about the last 2% in your water?

OriginClear at Water Solutions 2

Bill Charneski’s 2017 AWT Convention Presentation

CEO Gives Latest on Commercialization and Acquisition News

How OriginClear Supports On-Site Water Processing

Smart Algae Harvesting

The United States of Water

OriginClear CEO Joins the Big Biz Show

Why is Technology Our Secret Sauce?

Fresh Report From CEO on Acquisition Strategy

Drinking the water in California’s oil fields

OriginClear Revenue Increases Six Times in 2015

TRAILER: California’s Great Drought: Can The Oil Industry Help?

The OriginClear Group Acquisition Strategy

Live Interviews at OriginClear’s First Acquisition!

California’s Great Drought: Can The Oil Industry Help?

OriginOil Inks First Agreement In China

Animation: Oil Production and Water

OriginClear Nominated Technology Company of the Year

OriginClear Breaks Into China Market

OriginClear Harvests Highly-Concentrated Algae For Soil Amendment

OriginClear Successfully Treats Disaster Cleanup Water

OriginClear Cleans Up Oklahoma Floodwaters

Floodwater Cleanup in Oklahoma

The Cali Drought Documentary Trailer!

Cleaning Up Oil Spill in California

Chevron – Helping California?

CEO Live TV Interviews Riggs Eckelberry

Why Did OriginClear Get An Award?

OriginOil Renames Company OriginClear

75 Billion Gallons of Reclaimed Water for California?

OriginClear Introduces EWS for Petro

OriginOil Successfully Treats Oil Field Water for Beneficial Uses

OriginOil Launches New Algae Division

OriginOil Introduces the Smart Algae Harvester A25

OriginOil Shows It Can Reduce Costs For Oil Drillers

Photos From Bakersfield

New Technology to Help Irrigate California’s Farms

First Photos: Bakersfield Research Site

The Smart Algae Harvester

What is Blue Technology?

Falling Oil Prices Increase Need to Reuse Water

OriginOil’s New BLUE-TECH Website

An Introduction to OriginClear

Take This, Colorado! GEN 2 ready for frack water testing on the Western Slope!

Al Jazeera America Reports On OriginOil

Smart Algae Harvester: Touchscreen Operation on the Model A25

Overview: The Smart Algae Harvester

OriginOil Inks First Million Dollar Sale In Middle East

The Soaring Market for Frack Water Treatment

OriginOil’s GEN 2 Frack Water Cleaup System Completed

OriginOil at the Algae Biomass Summit

An Animated Guide to EWS Algae™ Model A12

Industrial Systems Inc. First OriginOil Licensee to Sell Industrial Water System

August 28th, 2014: Nicholas Reports on his China Trip

Big Biz Show: OriginOil Founder’s Trip to China and a Potential Trillion Dollar Market

OriginOil and the Half Trillion Dollar Blue-Tech Industry

Riggs Eckelberry joins T. Boone Pickens on the stage at AREDAY 2014

OriginOil Launches Frack Water Cleanup Showcase in Colorado

How EWS Petro Works: Powering OriginClear Petro

Smart Algae Harvester: High-Speed Low-Energy Algae Harvesting

Riggs Eckelberry Co-hosts Big Biz Show

OriginOil’s Evolution to a Water Cleanup Company

French President visits OriginOil Joint Venture

The President of France Visits OriginOil Joint Venture

La France lance une dotation de 300 millions d’euros pour soutenir l’innovation

An Animated Guide to EWS Petro

Sneak Preview of Fish Farm Cleanup Video

CEO Live TV Interviews Riggs Eckelberry In Depth

OriginOil’s Pay-By-The-Gallon Frack Water Cleanup Model

Is Ennesys France’s next Apple or Google?

OriginOil on MoneyTV, 8 March, 2013

OriginOil on MoneyTV, 1 March 2013

OriginOil on KGET-TV

Clean-Frac™ is Tested at Lost Hills — Success!

An Animated Guide to EWS Algae

OriginOil on MoneyTV, 22 February 2013

OriginOil on MoneyTV, 8 February 2013

OriginOil on MoneyTV, 1 February 2013

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