The OriginClear Group Members

The OriginClear Group is building a national network of water treatment providers operating as independent divisions within in the OriginClear Group. Some of the criteria include:

  • Experienced Management Team
  • Strong Customer Base
  • Great Customer Service
  • Excellent Sales History

Members of The OriginClear Group

Modular Water Systems 

On June 25, 2018, OriginClear launched the Modular Water Systems division with Daniel (Dan) Early, PE as President.

America’s decaying water infrastructure is forcing water users to treat their own water on-site, at the point of use. This decentralization megatrend is why OriginClear launched both WaterChain and the new Modular Water initiative.

The mission of Modular Water (, is to deliver prefabricated wastewater treatment products to sites that have to treat their own water.

Dan Early brings eight years of experience in designing engineered solutions, developing new products, and marketing water and wastewater treatment systems to the industry. He has pioneered the use of Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) or reinforced plastic casings to create modular “water-systems-in-a-box”.

OriginClear believes that Dan’s portfolio of patented product designs and established customer relations will contribute significantly to the company’s 2018 revenue

Modular Water’s Business

The mission of the Modular Water Systems (, is to deliver prefabricated wastewater treatment products to sites that have to clean their own water. These include schools, small communities, institutional facilities, real estate developments, factories, and industrial parks.

Over a hundred systems have been installed to date.

Modular Water Systems utilize Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) materials to focus on developing water and wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment systems that are considered to be the industry standards for performance and sustainability.  For the future, we plan an actual Modular Water product line of standardized units in stock, which customers can order for immediate deployment.

Systems built with SRTP materials are superior to typical concrete, steel and fiberglass construction for a myriad of reasons including durability, weight, an estimated 3X life expectancy, corrosion resistance, water tightness, and ease of installation and maintenance.

The new Modular Water Systems division plans to largely subcontract its manufacturing to OriginClear’s subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment of McKinney, Texas, before developing its own, in-house facilities, which may extend in future to the manufacture of the raw reinforced plastic materials themselves, for the most efficient, end-to-end manufacturing process.

Progressive Water Treatment

Progressive Water Treatment

On October 1, 2015, Progressive Water Treatment (PWT) of Dallas became the first company in The OriginClear Group.

PWT is a profitable and fast-growing designer, builder and service provider for a wide range of industrial water treatment applications.

Progressive Water’s Business

Progressive Water Treatment, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of water treatment systems for municipal, industrial and pure water applications.

The company utilizes a wide range of technologies, including chemical injection, media filters, membrane, ion exchange and SCADA technology, in turnkey systems.

The company also offers a broad range of services including consulting, maintenance contracts, retrofits, upgrades, membrane cleaning services and consumable or replacement assistance. In addition, PWT rents equipment in contracts of varying duration.

Customers are primarily served in the United States and Canada, with the company’s reach extending worldwide from Japan to Argentina to the Middle East.


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Water Treatment Market

Water Technologies International, Inc.

On May 30, 2018,  OriginClear purchased approximately 9% of Water Technologies common stock, and lent additional funds, helping Water Technologies finalize its acquisition of West Palm Beach-based WaterZone.

On June 12, 2018 OriginClear licensed it patented electrochemical treatment process, Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation™ (EWS:AOx™), and support to enter the oil and gas and other markets. Water Technologies also acquired an EWS demonstration and research unit.

The Business of Water Technologies

Water Technologies International, Inc. (OTC Markets:WTII), the leader in the technology for the design, production and commercialization of its atmospheric water generator and its innovative SIMPOD portable waste water treatment plant.

Water Zone serves over 3,000 residential customers, numerous fine restaurants and hotels in Palm Beach County, many commercial and industrial facilities, and numerous public water supplies in South Florida all designed and maintained within rigorous health and safety standards as dictated by federal standards and local requirements.

What’s Next

OriginClear intends to continue to welcome more companies into The OriginClear Group.

If you would like to explore the option without obligation, please contact OriginClear’s Corporate Acquisitions department.

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