Why Join The OriginClear Group?

You’ve spent years building a great water treatment business, but you are asking yourself what’s next?

How do you…

  • build on your success and take it to the next level?
  • gain maximum advantage from what you have created?
  • keep your decision-making independence?
  • gain both personal liquidity and an exit strategy?

Joining the OriginClear Group means YES to these questions.

How & what do I gain by joining the OriginClear Group?

  • Market knowledge and access from others in the Group.
  • Breakthrough technology knowledge and access from others in the Group.
  • Manufacturing expertise from others in the Group.
  • Sharing national accounts with others In the Group.
  • Sharing projects with others in the Group.
  • Sharing service opportunities from others in the Group.
  • Access to resources from OriginClear itself, such as:
    • Financing
    • Sales rep network
    • National bid opportunities
    • Enhanced public relations, website & eCommerce development
    • Employee benefits

What’s the upside for owners?

  1. Continue to personally gain from your company’s standalone growth.
  2. In addition, personally gain from your company’s growth due to the Group’s synergies.
  3. Your employees will benefit from company opportunities and stock options.
  4. Your company will benefit from the “network effect” in technology & opportunities.
  5. Participate in the Group Business Team for future growth.
  6. Build team efficiency and financial strengths over time.
  7. Owners get a publicly-traded ownership platform for exit and liquidity.
  8. Potential gains from shareholder value in OriginClear.

What’s the upside for OriginClear Stockholders?

  1. Accretive acquisitions builds revenue & profits in a public company.
  2. Greatly increasing company valuation & shareholder value.

Leveraging a Prominent Public Platform for Water Treatment Businesses

At OriginClear, we believe that the best way to aggregate customers is to aggregate the solution providers that are serving these customers. Using our prominent public platform, we are able to acquire these companies as wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Over time, The OriginClear Group™ could aggregate many customers and create a “truly good business,” in the words of Global Water Intelligence’s Christopher Gasson.

Are You a Candidate?

Do you believe that your company may meet the requirements? Are you a strong entrepreneur in mid-career? Are you interested in your potential exit or “liquidity event”? If so, please contact us now: Here