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Proving the Technology


OriginOil’s MAX ONE is the company’s first mobile algae extraction laboratory. Fully equipped with Single-Step Extraction™ technology, the trailer-based system is capable of harvesting algae culture at a rate of five gallons per minute, enough to demonstrate feasibility to potential customers.

MAX ONE has begun to visit algae producers in the US to demonstrate how OriginOil technology can help them create more efficient algae-to-oil systems. In addition, the testing builds a knowledgebase of how different types of algae and conditions affect the extraction process.

“Algae can’t succeed industrially without an economical and energy-efficient way to harvest it,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginOil. “That’s why algae companies are eager to test our process as soon as possible. Now we can pull up in the trailer, process their algae, and analyze it for them on the spot.”

In August of 2010, OriginOil’s MAX ONE made its first field trip to the nation’s only integrated bio-refinery, CEHMM, near Carlsbad, New Mexico.

MAX ONE – First Field Trip

MBD Demonstration Facility

OriginOil has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with MBD Energy Limited. MBD is regarded as an international pioneer in the use of captured exhaust (flue) gases as feedstock to produce algal biomass.

In early 2010, MBD became OriginOil’s first customer for a research-scale harvesting and oil extraction system.

In this video, the OriginOil team reports on its recent assignment in Australia, where it installed and operated harvesting and extraction systems at partner MBD Energy’s research site. MBD Technical Director Larry Sirmans comments on OriginOil’s success.

MBD Installation Success

Based on the success of this phase, MBD intends to purchase progressively larger systems to serve its three major power station projects in Australia.

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