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Hydrogen Harvester

Generating Hydrogen through Photosynthesis

The Hydrogen Harvester™ employs a potentially game-changing process. It is a continuous, passive extraction system for removing hydrogen gas from algae. The process uses viable, high growth, high oil content algae strains in a photosynthetic technology platform.

Its value is in recovering more energy from algae production systems than simply oil and biomass. Hydrogen is essential to the refining process, thus enabling algae producers to refine algae right at the point of production, a major benefit.

In contrast to previously reported developments in the area, the new Hydrogen Harvester uses little to no external energy inputs, requires no sulfur deprivation or other “stressing” of the algae, and no genetic modification.

Hydrogen Harvester

The Hydrogen Harvester™ uses photosynthetic algae to generate hydrogen, without interfering with the normal extraction of algae for lipids and biomass. Click to enlarge.

The Benefits of Hydrogen

The co-generation of hydrogen at algae production facilities is a critical development for the realization of a completely integrated algal biorefinery.

Refining algae into “drop-in” fuels compatible with existing infrastructure, such as renewable diesel and jet fuel, typically requires hydrogen for the hydrotreating process. Hydrogen Harvester technology can eliminate the need for hydrogen pipelines, and dependence on existing refineries that are typically far removed from locations that are best for algae growth.

Recovering hydrogen also provides the necessary ingredients for electricity generation using fuel cells. The energy can be used to offset the electricity requirements of algae cultivation, harvesting and downstream processing.

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