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Game Changer

Pondster CAD

Compact Bioreactor

The Pondster is a compact Membrane BioReactor (MBR) specifically designed to treat wastewater in outdoor ponds and lagoons used by commercial and industrial operations. Our "Pond Monster" (Pondster™) eats pond effluent all day long!

  • The new Pondster is a game changer for commercial and residential businesses that employ waste ponds.
  • It's an affordable, containerized, "Pond Water Machine in a Box™".
  • It's designed and built for roll-in and roll-out deployment.
  • Pondster has easy to use plug-n-play connections on the outside of the box.
  • It offers operator friendly add-ons with existing connection ports.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Delivers quick results.

Waste Ponds

Trailer park sewageThe Problem

Most  Mobile Home Parks (MHPs) and many low-population rural residential developments and commercial sites in the Southern and Midwestern States use open air waste ponds or waste stabilization lagoons. 70% of the wastewater in MHPs is not treated and poured into these open air ponds in concentrations too heavy for fresh air and sunlight to manage naturally.

Other residential and business establishments operate similarly where there is no public sewer access. Some employ a combination septic tank/waste stabilization lagoon. Either require proper waste treatment or water quality, health problems and nuisance conditions will result. 

* Local and state governments are cracking down with big fines.


The Solution

A Pondster on the shoreline

  • Small containerized "Water Treatment in a Box™"
  • Drive in. Plug in.
  • Drop a hose in the water.
  • Optional upgrade with floating aeration device.
  • Increased oxygenation organically accelerates the system's essential micro-biotic, bacterial effluent conversions.


Ideal Pondster Configuration


The Machine

Pondster is a modular mobile packaged wastewater treatment system designed to treat commercial and industrial wastewater. It is a perfect application for temporary or permanent installations in need of a fast and easy delivery solution that is incredibly rugged and designed to last for decades while operating under the harshest of conditions. Pondster utilizes the lasted advancements in wastewater technology including advanced membrane bioreactors complemented by easy to use computer touchscreens that ensures efficient wastewater treatment. Wastewater treated using Pondster MBR process may be suitable for reuse and reclamation purposes such as irrigation, dust control, and toilet reflush.

Pondster Dimensions & Components

Equipment Specifications

  • 8’ w x 9.5’ H x 20’ L external dimensions.
    Integral equipment includes:
  • Aeration blowers and piping systems.
  • Water pumping and piping systems.
  • Porous ceramic media system.
  • Telemetry sensors and meters.
  • Flex hose systems (inlet & outlet).
  • Electrical systems (master control panel).
  • Multi-compartment polypropylene tankage system (reinforced, covered and vented).
  • Maximum power demand: 10 Kilowatts.
  • Approximate shipping weight: 5,000 lbs.


Pondster is designed for high Strength Domestic Wastewater. It handles capacities from 2,500 to 25,000 GPD (gallons per day)* At peak flow the unit can run at 2X the design flow for short periods of time. During low flow operations Pondster will maintain performance compliance at sustained flows less than 10% of the design volume.



Influent Water Concentrations

BOD:    750 mg/l

TSS:  500 mg/l

TKN:   50 mg/l

Produced Water Performance

BOD:    < 5 mg/l

TSS:  < 5 mg/l

TKN:  < 1 mg/l

Coliforms: < 126 N/100 ml

BOD- Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) represents the amount of oxygen consumed by bacteria and other microorganisms while they decompose organic matter under aerobic (oxygen is present) conditions at a specified temperature

TSS- stands for Total Suspended Solids, and is the term used to refer to the solid particles suspended in water. It is defined as the total amount of solid material, suspended in water, that is retained by a filter.

TKN- (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) is the total concentration of organic nitrogen and ammonia. The original TKN method was developed by the Danish chemist Johan Kjeldahl in 1883. Today, TKN is a required parameter for regulatory reporting at many plants but is also used to provide a means of monitoring plant operations.

Coliforms - are a group of bacteria found in plant material, water, and soil. Coliforms are also present in the digestive tracts and feces of humans and animals.



Membrane BioReactor and accompanying filtration unit

Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

  • Combines biological treatment and filtration.
  • Low transmembrane pressure (TMP) results in minimal fouling.
  • Chemical clean-in-place (CIP) restores flux.
  • The nominal pore size is 0.08 microns.
  • Effluent is rated for non-potable reuse or sewer release.
  • Susceptible to fouling by silicones, glycols, surfactants and oils─be careful with CIP practices.

How does an MBR work?

MBR systems combine biological treatment and clarification in a single process which takes the place of conventional activated sludge and gravity secondary clarifiers.This system is capable of achieving significantly higher levels of wastewater treatment in a smaller footprint and without the need for an experienced wastewater operator. Further, MBR systems significantly reduce operator labor requirements due to PLC based automation, self monitoring and self-diagnostic process adjustments.


MBR photo



Pondster CAD corner viewPondster 30K MHP Pond

  • Single tank system with external dims of 6.5' w x 5' H x 15'L. Tank fabricated using UV resistant PP sandwich panel construction.
  • Shipping weight: 5000 lbs (estimated).
  • Treatment capacity: 30,000 GPD of domestic lagoon wastewater to provide enhanced treatment performance necessary for stringent effluent limits related to BOD, TSS, and Ammonia.
  • Equipped with flexible intake hose system with check valves and intake strainer.
  • Equipped with flexible discharge hose system.
  • Single electrical control panel with HOA switches (for two blowers and two pumps). Accommodates local power supply.
  • Includes data logger system for pH and ORP water chemistry monitoring and reporting.
  • Covered system with two aluminum access hatches.
  • Utilizes advanced porous ceramic media for robust biofilm treatment of residual BOD, TSS, and TKN that commonly plague under-performing or out of compliance domestic/municipal lagoon systems.

Operational Requirements

  • Designed to run automatically and unattended.
  • Utilizes PLC based control system with touch screen display for ease of use.
  • Equipped with remote control and monitoring capability (buyer must provide internet connection).
  • Includes external flashing red alarm light and alarm horn.
  • PLC will store Performance Data for Permit Reporting and Historical Performance Evaluation
  • Detailed O&M Manual Provided
  • Daily Labor Requirement: Automatic function does not require daily attendance (unless required by permit). PWT recommends conducting at least one weekly site visit to visually inspect the system while relying upon the remote monitoring system to inform the operator of system conditions in real time.

Pondster MHP Price

  • MSRP Installed Price Estimate
    $64,000 purchase price.
    Bobber add-on feature is $2,500 per unit.
    *Includes delivery and installation.
    *Local contractor may be needed for power requirements.
  • Rental available at $2,560 a month.
    5 year term. 3 year minimum.
    Transferable to new operator owner.

Engineering Support

Engineers reviewing plans
  • Simple and effective preliminary design support.
  • Detailed budgetary and final equipment proposals.
  • Fully engineered solution development.
  • Robust technical permitting packages.
  • Detailed engineering calculations.
  • 3D model design development.
  • 2D CAD & pdf drawings.
  • Performance specification in CSI format.
  • Installation guide and O&M manuals.

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