OriginClear Water Solutions

OriginClear Water Solutions

In early 2016, OriginClear Hong Kong (OCHK) launched a Joint Venture (JV), OriginClear Water Solutions Sdn Bhd (OWS), with Osmocell Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian engineering and manufacturing company for water purification systems.

Two GE Water veterans, David Woo and Alvin Chong, had founded Osmocell Malaysia in 2011 to capitalize on more than twenty years of experience and connections in the region. As of 2016, Osmocell had installed more than 20 Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis systems in Malaysia and the region.

OWS has been designing water treatment systems utilizing OriginClear’s proprietary technology,Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation(EWS:AOx™) since that time. Designs have varied from the treatment of landfill leachate, to the treatment of palm oil mill extract, to surgical glove manufacturing wastewater.

Leachate Treatment Project

As of mid-2019, OWS is working with several prospective clients to treat “black water” or landfill leachate. One of the current proposals is to retrofit an underperforming landfill leachate treatment system with an EWS:AOx system. The treatment of “black water” or landfill leachate had already been demonstrated by OriginClear Hong Kong in China.

improve leachate treatment in Malaysia

OriginClear retrofit project at an existing landfill.

Palm Oil Mill Extract (POME) Projects

POME effluent is widely recognized as a major environmental concern because its contamination level can be 100 times higher than domestic sewage, Resolving this problem requires a robust wastewater treatment, such as EWS:AOx with Dissolved Air Flotation systems (DAFs).  As of mid-2019, OWS had studied several projects for this application.

OriginClear Surgical Glove Wastewater Projects

Malaysia is the world leader for surgical glove manufacturing.  The process generates very large amounts of process waste water that is contaminated with a variety of organics.  We believe Electro Water Separation technology is an ideal solution to treat the water for discharge or reuse. 

Five glove manufacturers are scheduled for pilot trials.

One of the early trials resulted in a purchase order for a 110 tons per hour (500 gallon per minute) system. The system is a hybrid of a DAF and EWS, combining the air bubbles from the DAF and the microbubbles from the EWS electrochemistry, for greatly increased effectiveness.

In June of 2019, OriginClear Technologies (Hong Kong) completed the build under contract, and shipped the system to Malaysia. The hybrid EWS/DAF system is one of the largest Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) systems ever built. OWS in Malaysia intends to install the system in July at the factory of a major surgical glove manufacturer.

Largest Electro Water Separation™ System Ever Shipped

The above collage of images shows the system being built and shipped

A standard DAF uses compressed air dissolved in the water to create a cloud of air bubbles in a process called Dissolved Air Flotation. The air bubbles attach themselves to the contaminates, lifting them to the surface to be removed. The DAF air bubbles are small, but do not compare to the bubbles generated by the EWS electrode racks. OriginClear’s EWS process, Electro-Flotation works differently, by generating a cloud of electrically-generated microbubbles.The bubbles are much smaller and integrate themselves with the organic matter. In addition, the electrical charge neutralizes the natural repulsive charge of the contaminates, helping them to clump together. The combination results in very effective, non-chemical removal of contaminates. Our combination of these processes is an industry innovation.

If you are interested in any of the above applications, please call 60 12 410 9983 or click here.

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