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An Shi

imageedit_9_4732573166Application An Shi joined OriginClear in September 2015. He has five years of chemical engineering academic experience, and professional experience in water treatment.

An earned his Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan (UM), and his Master of Science (MS), also in Chemical Engineering, in 2015 at the University of California (Berkeley), where he focused on product development and commercialization. While at UM, An worked in a nanofabrication facility targeting microfluid processing and medical device manufacturing. He also studied algae oil extraction and processing to make biofuels. While studying for his master’s degree, he worked with a membrane water treatment company, with an emphasis on marketing and commercialization.

At OriginClear, An focuses on R&D, process validation, pilot testing and system sizing for the company’s breakthrough technology. He is also a member of the joint research team established by OriginClear and the California State University at Bakersfield, where he provides guidance on wastewater treatment in a variety of real-world settings.