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What Is OriginClear Technologies?

We are the division tasked with developing, proving, scaling and licensing Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation™, with the goal of rapidly adding new licensees and joint ventures throughout the world. OriginClear Technologies is a division of OriginClear, Inc, a leading provider of water treatment solutions.

It is our mission to help improve the quality of water and help return it to its original and clear condition, by getting our technology adopted widely. In parallel, the OriginClear Group™ continues to acquire strong and profitable water service companies.

Our Technology: Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation

Electro Water Separation is the next generation in multi-stage electrochemistry.

It is a very efficient first stage of wastewater treatment, helping to reduce the burden of clogging on final treatment. It is also effective with tough problems like ammonia contamination.

We invite you to bring us your challenges!

Water is hard. OriginClear helps make it easier™.

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