What Is OriginClear Advanced Technologies?

OriginClear Advanced Technologies is a division of OriginClear, Inc. We commercialize our Advanced Technologies (Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), Advanced Oxidation™ (AOx), and Advanced Oxidation Plus™ (AOxPlus) through advanced research and development to prove and scale them and by licensing them to new licensees and through joint ventures worldwide.

Our goal is the development and engineering of new technologies we can productize through our Progressive Water Services Advanced Fabrication and Integration division and incorporate into our own product lines. We also accomplish productization through allied company’ product lines by successful and innovative partnering, licensing and joint ventures for global use of OriginClear’s Advanced Technologies.

Our Technology

Our technology commercialization strategy is steadily gaining international acceptance and adoption for our advanced water purification technologies, and is factually enabling a new era of clean and socially responsible water treatment solutions.

In 2015, we invented Electro Water Separation, a breakthrough high-speed water cleanup technology. Electro Water Separation is the next generation in multi-stage electrochemistry. It is a very efficient first stage of wastewater treatment, helping to reduce the burden of filter clogging on final treatment. It is also effective with tough problems like ammonia contamination, landfill leachate blackwater and palm oil residues.

In 2016, OriginClear announced the successful development and proof of its proprietary Advanced Oxidation process, AOx, a technology with “stand-alone” capability that can also be used in tandem to complement our Electro Water Separation™ applications. We license these technologies individually or as a technology combo worldwide to water treatment equipment manufacturers. This breakthrough water cleanup technology is currently being licensed in China and Malaysia and used for industrial scale dissolved air flotation (DAF) applications.

In 2018, OriginClear developed AOxPlus™, a new method to produce hydroxyl radicals in large quantities to treat highly contaminated waste water.  The hydroxyl radicals are particularly effective at reducing or eliminating harmful contaminants such as Roundup®, hormones and drug residues that remain even after residential water treatment. This breakthrough water cleanup technology is currently being developed from prototypes to commercial stage.

Joint Ventures

In 2011, OriginClear helped launch Ennesys to target France’s sustainable energy law, RT 2020, which requires that buildings achieve a positive energy balance, while treating their own effluents, by the year 2020. Ennesys proposed to feed algae with sanitized wastewater, using algae harvesting to generate energy onsite. Ennesys immediately began working with large builders such as Global 500 multinational Bouygues.

In 2015, OriginClear launched a subsidiary in Hong Kong, OriginClear Technologies (Hong Kong) (OCHK), and granted it a master license for the People’s Republic of China. The wholly-owned subsidiary manufactures and sells systems based on Electro Water Separation™ and Advanced Oxidation (AOx™) both directly and to OriginClear licensees in Asia and elsewhere.

In early 2016, OCHK launched OriginClear Water Solutions Sdn Bhd (OWS), a Joint Venture with Osmocell Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian engineering and manufacturing company for water purification systems that has rapidly expanded into Vietnam and other regions in South Asia.

On 31 March 2017, OriginClear announced that it had agreed to launch a joint venture, OriginClear Thailand, to address the country’s long-term water crisis by directly targeting 2.8 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The joint venture is intended to access up to 13,000 factories, to proactively address the Thailand water supply crisis.

Commercial Partners

  • Shanghai Jorsun Environment Co., Ltd
  • Yixing Entrustech Environmental Co,. Ltd.
  • Sepcom/Wamgroup
  • Spiral Water Filters


  • Algeternal – Algae
  • Aqua D&P Technologies – Romania
  • Aquapro – Brazil
  • Depuporc – Spain
  • HogH2O - USA
  • OriginClear Thailand – Thailand
  • OriginClear Water Solutions – Malaysia
  • Permionics – Inda
  • Special Oilfield Services – Oman

Our Acquisition Strategy

In parallel to our joint ventures and licensing initiatives, the OriginClear Group™ intends to continue acquiring strong and profitable water service companies which are then incorporated into the OriginClear family.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, OriginClear provides systems and services to treat water in a wide range of industries, such as municipal, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, industrial, and oil & gas. To rapidly grow this segment of the business, we work to acquire profitable and well-managed water treatment companies, which allow us to expand our global market presence and technical expertise.

Water is our planet’s most valuable resource, and the mission of OriginClear is to provide breakthrough water treatment and conveyance technologies and products that effectively improve the quality of our planet’s waters by returning them to their original and clear condition and deliver the highest quality water to end-users


OriginClear Corporate Office - La Kretz Innovation Campus, Los Angeles Arts District