Removing Restrictions and or Converting to Tradable Common Stock

In order to remove restrictions and or convert to tradable common stock, please follow the directions pertaining to your holdings, below:

Remove Restrictions from Common Stock

  1. To remove restrictions on shares you bought directly from the company (this can be done after 6 months with a broker-dealer letter, or anytime after 12 months), download the following form and email to or fax to  323-315-2300.


    Note: you only need to sign and date the form, we will fill all relevant stock dates and share amounts for all eligible shares.

Convert Preferred Shares to Common Stock

  1. To convert Series J, L, or P preferred shares to tradable common stock (and hence trigger make-good shares on previously investments), please download the Rule 144 form and sign and date (we will fill the rest). 

    RULE 144 FORM
  2. Then download the applicable Series Form and sign and date (we will fill the rest)



  3. Then email all forms to

Convert D-1 Shares to Common Stock

  1. To convert D-1 shares, please download the following D-1 conversion form and Rule 144 form and email to or fax to  323-315-2300

    D-1 FORM

    RULE 144 FORM

    If you have any questions or need help, please submit the form below and we will contact you immediately.

Contact Investor Relations

Thank you for your support.