Membrane Cleaning

Membrane cleaning can be done at the customer’s site with various chemicals available from OriginClear. We also offer off-site membrane cleaning as a convenient service to our customers. Our Services professionals utilize proven and effective membrane cleaning methods, such as forward flush and reverse flush combined with chemical cleaning.

When a forward or reverse flush is applied, membranes are flushed with feed water or permeate. The feed water or permeate flows through the system more rapidly than during the production phase. Because of the more rapid flow and the resulting turbulence, particles that are adhering to the membrane are released and discharged. These particles can only be removed through backward flushing.

When membrane performance has not restored itself sufficiently after flushing, a chemical cleaning process can be applied. During a chemical cleaning process, membranes are flushed using either low or high pH cleaning solutions, depending upon the nature of the foulant. Other cleaners are used when typical cleaning does not return the membrane to normal specifications. In all cases, the membranes are tested prior to cleaning, and the results discussed with the client. That way membranes are not cleaned that may be found to be irreparably damaged when tested.

Membrane Replacement

In the event membranes are damaged or have reached their useful life, OriginClear offers a full line of replacement membranes from most major membrane manufacturers, as well as delivering the replacement service.

Media Replacement

Essentially all media has a useful life and must be periodically replaced. OrignClear offers a full line of replacement media from most major manufacturers, as well as delivering the replacement service.

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