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Merging Clean Water and the Power of Crypto and NFT’s

Jun 1, 2021 9:02:38 PM

About This Episode:

Washington is frantically allocating billions upon billions to water infrastructure funding. But, says Riggs Eckelberry, fast-growing inflation will kill all these massive programs. Sure, they’ll add the cost overruns. But you can’t keep up with a runaway train.

Riggs has the solution: direct, local, decentralized action. His prefab, modular water systems can be delivered directly to industry with no money upfront, just pay by the gallon, on long-term contracts that are indexed for inflation.

Here’s the twist...

Clean Water and Crypto

Riggs intends to pay investors their continuing

profit shares in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Given the 50-year plus lifecycles of these systems, he expects a huge premium on these NFTs, and they will be tradeable.

Riggs predicts this could scale up into the first global water marketplace, potentially supporting subsidized projects in poverty-stricken areas. Is this science fiction? Ask Riggs and find out...

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