Modular Water Treatment & Conveyance Products

OriginClear offers a complete line of Modular Water Systems™ Products. We are in the business of designing and manufacturing prefabricated and prepackaged systems for the purpose of Modular Water Treatment. Our products embrace and competently handle water purification, water conveyance and storage, and wastewater treatment.

OriginClear Leads in Modular Products & On-Site Water Treatment Systems 

  • Fully-Prepackaged product line for fast rollout and lower initial cost.
  • Built in the factory and trucked in complete.
  • Standardized pump stations, waste water treatment systems, specialty agricultural systems, produced water systems, mobile system deployment and more.
  • High-speed design software delivers full specs and BOMs in days instead of weeks.
  • Rigid self-standing thermoplastic containers last up to 100 years in the ground, minimal foundation requirements (just a pad and collar or strapping).
  • Extensive references and case studies available from projects throughout the USA.

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  • Enhanced Controls with Remote Monitoring & Alerts.
  • Fully-designed for easier permitting.
  • Certified for full compliance with most common sizes and throughputs, safety requirements, regulatory compliance. Excellent risk mitigation potential.
  • Closed-loop systems for safeguarding the environment with Near-Zero Waste Processes.
  • Patented for Basis of Design by industry visionary Daniel M. Early PE.
  • Proprietary mix of product engineering, total solution development, and advanced heavy plastic manufacturing benefit Consulting Engineers and End-Users alike.