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Pump station being delivered for installationLeader In Forward-Thinking Infrastructure Design Philosophy

The Modular Water Systems™ product lines utilize heavy plastics and emerging material technologies to deliver water and wastewater infrastructure systems. These solutions are designed to reflect a combination of affordability and sustainability. Developed by OriginClear’s Chief Engineer, Dan Early, OrginClear’s “Total” solution approach, combines experienced engineering, technical innovation, and robust manufacturing that exceed industry standards.

Dan Early


Dan Early Chief Engineer OriginClear

“It starts and ends with Engineering”

OriginClear’s Daniel M. Early, PE, is its Chief Engineer. Early brings 28 years of professional engineering focused on decentralized water and wastewater systems to address and solve primary potable water, wastewater, reuse and reclamation issues.

Prior to joining OriginClear, Dan owned managed ACS design. The company focused on heavy plastic manufacturing for water infrastructure systems. He was responsible for the development of eight registered patents and worked with such organizations including RTI International and with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Global Water & Sanitation initiatives.



3D rendering cutaway of standard pump station with valve vault

Completely Engineered — It’s a Product not a Project!

Modular Water Systems COMPLETE solutions improve both installation and commissioning without the typical piece-meal approach of conventional system deliveries.

Our innovative products use of Heavy Plastic Manufacturing (PE and PP) and SRTP (Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastics) offers far greater manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies compared to conventional concrete, fiberglass, and steel-based solutions.

Because system configurations are prepared with a Consulting Engineer, General Contractor, and Owner in mind, our systems are much easier to specify, install, own, and operate.

The essential principles of design and engineering are evident in the Modular Water Systems product line at every key point. These key points include; design, manufacturing, assembly, delivery, installation, commissioning, training and operational support. All controlled and guided from one single delivery point.

Why Modular?


Deteriorating concrete structures require expensive rehab or replacement

Modular — The Solution to Failing Sewer Infrastructure Systems

Modular Water’s prepackaged systems are fully assembled and water tested in the factory. Systems arrive ready for final installation and commissioning which also reduces project schedules and on-site skilled labor construction costs.

Because our SRTP materials have 3 to 4 times the service life of concrete, steel and fiberglass, OriginClear’s typical “Total Cost of Ownership” is 300% to 400% lower than concrete and steel infrastructure systems, a substantial financial benefit for End-Users. This extended life-cycle aspect of our systems also has the advantage of extending the “replacement expectancy” time for such systems by 3-4 times.

Both Standard Systems and Custom Engineered Configurations are already fully engineered and available. These prepackaged solutions also offer an excellent option for retrofits and or replacement of failing systems.

An added bonus of our HDPE and SRTP structures is that they are environmentally friendly because they don’t decompose, and the construct materials can be recycled when replaced.


SRTP Lift station installation for a Civic Center

EveraMOD Reflects Superior Sustainability

OriginClear’s EveraMOD Pump Station offers the greatest single ability to significantly extend operational life cycles for wastewater conveyance. Its EMBODIED ENERGY constituent is smaller compared to steel and concrete. Plastics utilized in civil infrastructure have a smaller carbon footprint than steel, concrete, and fiberglass

SRTP based solutions, after providing a service life of 100 years, can be recycled and turned into the next infrastructure product that will have another 100-year service life expectation. SRTP based solutions can be manufactured from plastics derived from plant based renewable resources






Structurally reinforced thermoplastic ports, conduits and components have superior strength and durability

An Infrastructure System Advantage

The EveraMOD uses Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastics (SRTP) to fabricate a variety of wet wells, vaults, and ancillary structures that will Last 100+ Years. Our pump and lift stations offer standard designs with customizable options available in diameters from 36” to 156” and up to 50 feet deep with submersible sewage pumps up to 150 HP. They are factory assembled for easy site installation and use no concrete coating or liners ever! Their dual wall material ensures no leakage. Packages include pumps and controls, sewer grinder systems (macerators), trash baskets, crane hoists and generators.


Typical pump station configuration and construction

A typical EveraMOD product features:

• Anti-Flotation Collar
• Patented Structural Base
• Optional HDPE Hopper Bottom
• SRTP Structural Wetwell
• HDPE Top or Aluminum Top
• Fall Protection Grate
• Water Level Control System
• Base Elbows and Guide Rails Installed
• Discharge Piping and Valves Installed
• Submersible Pumps Provided (Loose)
• Pivoting Davit Crane and Trash Basket

Typical EveraMOD Configurations

• Simplex/Duplex/Triplex Pump configurations
• Smaller Stations can have internal control valves
• Larger Stations will have external valve vaults
• 300 PSF (lbs. per square foot) standard top
• H-20 / HS-20 Top Designs available
• Side Wall or Top Side Discharge Pipe options
• Suction Lift Configurations available



EveraMOD is made with quality hatches, valves, guide rails, pumps, hardware and fittings

Best-in-Class High Quality Components & Fittings

The EveraMOD product line employs high-quality pumping components, valve vault systems, grinder station configurations and ancillary equipment to achieve the most efficient and reliable performance. Find out more about the wide selection of quality components and our solid OEM relationships.




Controls and Instrumentation — An Operational Advantage

"Intelligent Pump Stations”

On-site control station adjacent to installation

The "Total Solution" Approach to Pump Station Control and Electrical System Delivery

Our Engineering Team supports a total solution approach to pump station control and electrical system deliver from standard (relay based) to advanced (PLC based) controllers. Systems can provide a complete panel rack including meter base, main disconnect, surge protection, distribution panels and main control panel. They can coordinate and supply emergency power systems (generator with auto-transfer switch) and more. Systems are UL508A compliant.



Typical engineering package diagram

Regulation Compliant State of the Art Controls

• Assembly Drawings in 3D
• Engineering complies with current NEC, NEMA, IEC, and UL
• Control Programming reflects most common software platforms
• PLC’s (AB, Siemens, GE, and others)
• Enclosures are NEMA 3, 4X, & 12
• Class I Div 1 and Class I Div 2 (including Explosion Proof)
• DCS Communication (Ethernet, Modbus, etc.)



MWS.00_33_58_12.Still063 v2

Automation & Monitoring Systems

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) with touchscreen
  • PLC provides automatic operation
  • Control panel provides Remote Monitoring & Alarming
  • PLC logs daily operations for historical trending



Fabrication Overview — A Material Advantage - Heavy Plastic Manufacturing


In factory heavy plastics manufacturing

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Automated Material Extrusion (round feedstock and panels)
  • CNC Material Routing and Cutting
  • CNC Fusion and Welding (sheet butt welding and box assembly)
  • Hand Extrusion Welding and System Upfitting
  • Fully Prefabricated, Assembled, Packaged and Tested In-Factory Before Delivery


Extrusion Welding and Fabrication

Extrusion Welding collage

EveraMOD Pump Station Sub-Assemblies

Sub-assemblies collage


The Result: A Factory Complete Prefab Solution

Factory Complete Solution


Twin pump stations being delivered for installation


Loading & Shipping EveraMOD

  • Packages Ship Complete
  • Lightweight SRTP fabrication reduces logistics costs
  • Many systems ship using smaller truck and trailer combinations
  • Faster Delivery = Reduced Project Time


Installation Overview — A Construction Advantage

72-inch EveraMOD Pump Station being set

Factory Assembled

  • Controlled Manufacturing Environment
  • Complete System Delivered to Job Site
  • Skilled Staffing using Proper Tools
  • Faster Assembly and Improved Schedule
  • Superior QA and QC
  • Far Less Risk during all Phases
  • Less Expensive Total Installed Cost





Field Assembled unit being installed

Field Assembled

  • Impacts Due to Poor Site Conditions
  • Subject to Weather Delays
  • Longer Time of Construction
  • Major Headaches related to Scheduling
  • Hard to achieve high level QA & QC
  • Project Risk during all Phases
  • More Expensive Total Installed Cost







Pump station being setExcavation, & Setting EveraMOD

Excavation, Set, & Backfill Time:

<15’ installation depth: one to two days with typical equipment
>15’ to 30’ installation depth: three to four days with typical equipment

  • Time includes concrete anti-floatation collar placement, electrical conduit connections, and fluid piping connections
  • Installation follows the detailed Installation Guide and Specifications
  • Fastest installation time compared to other forms of pump station construction and installation
  • Reduces rental time for site dewatering systems, bypass pumping, shoring protection systems, etc.


Upgrade to Modular

Typical EveraMOD Completed Installations

Our pump and lift station installs are more environmentally friendly, and aesthetic plus deliver 3-4 times the service life of conventional materials.

Fully Installed Pump and Lift Stations


Design and Engineering Support — A Technical Advantage

  • Fast and Effective Preliminary Design Support
  • Detailed Budgetary and Final Equipment Proposals
  • Fully Engineered Solution Development
  • Robust Technical Permitting Packages
  • Detailed Engineering Calculations
  • 3D Model Design Development
  • 2D CAD and PDF Drawings
  • Performance Specification in CSI Format
  • Installation Guides and O&M Manuals
  • Trouble Shooting and Specialized Customer Support
  • Uses Engineering Algorithm for fast Solution Development
  • Provides recommended Geometric Design
  • Evaluates System Curve Hydraulic Conditions
  • Allows for Rapid Pump Evaluation and Selection
  • Includes recommended Anti-Flotation Design
  • Supports ALL Pump Manufacturers
  • Design Output Report suitable for Final Permitting
  • 2D CAD Drawing Package
  • Reflects Typical Site Integration
  • Easily Implemented by Engineers
  • Easily Edited to Create Site Specific Construction Drawing Package
  • Coordinated with Engineering Calculation Document
  • Coordinated with Performance Specification Document
  • Consultant’s Job made Easy

Complete Technical Supporting Documentation


EveraMOD vs Precast Concrete — The Ownership Cost Advantage

Myths and Misinformation Debunked

Plastic vs Concrete vs Fiberglass

STRP structures are not flimsy or brittle like the more prevalent fiberglass and polymer concrete that are also much more expensive than SRTP systems. STRP effectively combines the corrosion resistance benefits of fiberglass with the robustness of concrete and ease of steel manufacturing.

STRP materials are not “new," they have been around 40 years. Plastic manufacturing is quickly filling production gaps and HDPE is now the material of choice for landfills needing collection, conveyance, and treatment systems. Engineering experience and history prove that plastics are the superior wastewater structural material which municipal decision makers, local, county and state supervisors, specifying and consulting engineers and informed end-users are catching onto and adopting. 

As SRTP factually delivers a 3-4x extension of replacement needs and the equivalent reduction of replacement costs, it is rapidly and consistently being recognized as the "only choice" solution to the country's growing infrastructure demands.


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