Modular Water Systems - Packaged Pump Stations

The "100 Year" Solution

OriginClear's EveraMOD™ prepackaged pump stations are superior in providing a fully integrated assembly of components that work together seamlessly to reliably pump water from one point to another.

We incorporate the most durable structural components to collect and temporarily store water before pumping, high quality pumps that convey water effectively and efficiently, and industry proven electrical control systems to monitor and control the pump station thus ensuring reliable operation. Our systems routinely include supporting ancillary equipment and components such as sewer grinders, flow control valves, flow meters, level control systems, and odor control systems. These Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic vessels have a lifecycle of up to 100 years. 

3X The Life Cycle at a Lower Cost

The EveraMOD lift station line represents a radical improvement in pump station lifespan and provides a substantial reduction in maintenance when compared to conventional precast, cast-in-place concrete or epoxy coated steel stations. Compared to fiberglass, they are far more robust and come in a range of sizes and installation depths that far exceed fiberglass capabilities. They are particularly well suited for challenging sites and aggressive installation schedules.

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Modular Water System Advantages

  • Robust Engineering to help consultants and end-users evaluate specific project needs 
  • Automated engineering processes provide geometric design, anti-flotation design, system curve evaluation & pump operating point evaluation as well as pump technology selection and electrical system integration supporting use specific control functionality
  • We are Industry leaders in the innovative use of Advanced Fabrication & Heavy Plastic Manufacturing Processes  
  • We manufacture Industry Best pump station structural systems using SRTP materials (HDPE plastic) 
  • Our pump stations combine the corrosion resistance capabilities of fiberglass with the structural capability of reinforced concrete for superior stability and longer lifecycle
  • Modular Water Systems™ products deliver far higher structural integrity, strength and longevity under the harshest of operational conditions
  • Strategic OEM Vendor support is the norm. We service a very broad market segment regardless of pump manufacturer 

  • No exclusive "only choice" pump manufacturer relationships, which enables OriginClear to provide a total pump station integration capability far beyond most pump station vendors
  • System integration is consistently accomplished by our in-house Engineering Team
  • Timely delivery of control panel system designs is routine
  • Our Control Panel Assembly shop regularly fabricates control system packages reflecting NEC, NEMA and UL certifications and components
  • We provide standardized designs for easier selection and implementation or
  • Customized system design support for the most stringent End-User performance requirements
  • OriginClear boasts a National Footprint. We deliver the largest, Industry Best pump station systems anywhere in North America
  • Our systems are cost effective to transport to any location in the Lower 48 states
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