Modular Water Systems
Commercial & Industrial Compact Wastewater Treatment

The Next-Generation, Prefabricated Water Treatment Technology

OriginClear's Modular Water Systems™ packaged water and wastewater treatment products are innovative, compact, economical and have a lifespan of up to four times that of traditional concrete, steel or fiberglass systems. Because Modular Water uses Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic (SRTP) materials and high-tolerance factory assembly under controlled conditions, our units will reduce both installation time and costs, as well as total lifetime cost of product ownership.

The Modular Water Compact Wastewater Management product line is an ideal choice for decentralized wastewater treatment in residential, commercial, agricultural and many industrial and municipal settings. Treatment capacities in our standard units range from the Modular 2,000-10,000 GPD and 10,000-25000 GPD standard compacts and 25,000 GPD up to 250,000 GPD in larger custom built units. Some applications enable standard units used in tandem for average daily flows of up to 50,000 GPD.

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Better Economics For Owners & End-Users

Our standard packaged wastewater treatment products will reflect a total installed cost savings of 10% to 35% compared to mainstream, conventional wastewater treatment solutions. These cost savings are possible due to their materials, modular design, factory construction and being connection ready upon arrival. These factory-assembled units provide significantly reduced installation costs compared to traditional on-site, piecemeal constructions using concrete, steel or fiberglass, which take longer to design, build and bring on line. A significant Primary Benefit of our onsite point-of-use modular products and systems is their inherent value-add that increases real estate and property asset value while boosting the owner's Environmental, Social & Governance ratings due to compliance with responsible environmental stewardship guidelines. Concurrently they reduce corporate risk and liability through superior reduction of pollution and carbon footprint factors.

Applications of Our Waste Water Solutions

  • Industrial Oil,  Gas and Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Hotels
  • New Development (Residential & Commercial)
  • Institutional Facilities (Rural Schools & Local Governmental)
  • Small Industrial & SIU Pretreatment Applications
  • Custom Sub-Unit Process Upgrades for existing WWTP’s

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