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Success Stories

A COVID-hit entrepreneur finds his way forward with OriginClear's Water As A Career™
Pool Preserver system and the Waterpreneur Academy.

Waterpreneur Academy

OriginClear COO Tom Marchesello: "It's about being a water entrepreneur. So, we created a concept called the Waterpreneur Academy™.  The idea is that, we want to incentivize people to really work within the water industry and be entrepreneurial.

One of the ways of doing that is not just about saying, "Oh, work in the industry." It's about, "Work with our products. Here's how you take this product, build a business around it, here's how you market that business, here's how you advertise that business, and here's how you basically get your bookings, do your pricing, and here is your technical manual, here's your maintenance support, and here's an environment, basically, that allows you to tune in, get all your stuff at your fingertips, like FAQ's and so forth." And that's basically what we're building for somebody.

So when somebody works with us and engages as a Waterpreneur™, it's more than just saying, "Here's the machine, go figure it out." It's us actually saying, "Here's a template. Here's a way of doing this."

Generating Clients

So now we've taken our successful gentleman in Arizona and actually helped him one-on-one and said let's now use the template and basically pattern after what he was doing with the Pool Preserver™ and we started actually managing Facebook advertising and Google advertising and actively driving leads, which, of course, then turn into clients.

We generated in just a number of weeks well over 50 leads, actually, about a hundred leads for him, which was pretty good. We were getting to the point of generating around 10 to 15 leads per week for his business."

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