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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions and answers prior to closing a sale?


General Questions
Why Reverse Osmosis
Pricing & Costs
Maintenance, Cleaning & Replacing Filters
Water As A Career & Training

General Questions

Q: What is Pool Preserver?
A: Pool Preserver is the sophisticated, mobile reverse osmosis pool cleaning system that delivers clean, healthy, pure water without wasting water.

Q: How long has this system been in use?
A: We have existing units in operation for over 3 years in the real world.

Q: How long is the trailer and what truck capacity is required to tow it?
A: The trailers are standard 20 foot long and can be easily towed with any F-150 or Tundra or Chevy.  It is like a Boat. 

Q: What is Pool Preservers processing capacity/rate?
A: 35 gallons per minute (2100 gallons per hour)

Q: How long does it take Pool Preserver to clean an entire pool?
A: An average pool takes 6-7 hours using a standard Pool Preserver. 

Q: Is any water lost from the pool during the Pool Preserver process?
A: Yes, about 15% is expel water to public sewer. So, this process conserves up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool and the water level never changes, meaning this form of filtration can be performed 365 days of the year; you can even swim in the pool during filtration!


Why Reverse Osmosis?

Q: Why is Pool Preserver reverse osmosis (RO) treatment valuable?
A: Evaporation, especially in very hot, dry climates exacerbates the accumulation of unhealthy and destructive contaminants as they are concentrated up in the remaining water that has not evaporated. In drought-stricken areas where water conservation is important, mobile filtration comes to your residential or commercial swimming pool and will recycle the swimming pool water onsite, removing the contaminants, purifying the water and restoring proper water balance.

Q: What are the primary benefits of cleaning your pool with Pool Preserver reverse osmosis?
A: The primary contaminants and pool destroying catalysts of high calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), cyanuric acid (CYA) and waterborne diseases are removed and the water returned to drinking quality water, actually much better than tap water.

Q: Why would someone need RO treatment when their pool cleaning technician cleans their pool regularly?
A: The primary target of Pool Preserver is the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that accumulate in pools. Areas of the country like Arizona have very hard water and routine treatment does not remove the TDS. Also increased evaporation in hot climates accelerates the rate of buildup. The TDS is damaging to pool circulation and filtration components as well as coping and surrounding decks.

Q: When do salt water pools need to be cleaned and can Pool Preserver clean them?
A: Your average salt water pool stays between 2,700 and 3,900 ppm TDS. Typically, it is time to drain some water from the pool when it reaches 6000 ppm TDS. So, this would be the time to clean it with the Pool Preserver.


Pricing & Costs

Q: What does it cost to clean an average sized pool?
A: Prices may vary with location, but the average cost to treat a 13,500 gallon pool ranges around $600.

Q: How much does a Pool Preserver unit cost?
A: Equipment pricing is currently $110,000 for the biggest Ultra enclosed Unit and about $75,000 for the Open Sky Skid mounted version. Both are 35 GPM systems.

Q: Do you offer any financing options?
A: Financing is easily available and we have 3 Equipment Leasing companies already happy to do this.  But we recommend people go to their local credit union or bank first for best rates and people they already know. 

Q: How long after purchase for system delivery?
A: Turnaround time is generally 8 to 12 weeks from Deposit to Delivery.   We can discuss a rush order depending on feature selection and availability. 


Maintenance, Cleaning & Replacing Filters

Q: What kind of maintenance and support do you offer/provide?
A: Maintenance and Support are available at whatever level you are most comfortable with. The requirements are modest and very manageable. We are happy to provide more detail about the equipment and technical requirements. 

Q: How often do filters in the machine have to be cleaned or replaced?
A: Cartridge and/or Bag Filters should be replaced when the pressure drop across the housing reaches 10 psi. The RO membranes need to be cleaned periodically when there is a 10% - 15% difference in performance from startup.

Q: How are the RO membranes cleaned?
A: The membranes are chemically cleaned with acids and caustic solutions at various temperatures, depending on what they are being cleaned for. Clean In Place systems are covered in the Operator’s Manual.

Q: What if I don’t have a Clean In Place (CIP) system? How can I get my membranes cleaned?
A: If you don’t have a Clean In Place (CIP) system, then they can be shipped to our McKinney, Texas Progressive Water Treatment facilities for cleaning as needed.

Q: How often do RO filters need to be replaced and what is the cost?
A: The RO membranes typically last 3-5 years before needing to be replaced, if cleaned and operated properly. The cost per membrane for replacement is $585.00 each FOB Ship Point.


Water As A Career & Training

Q: Your Ad says you train the operator. How does that work?
A: Our Water As A Career™ program includes an academy for water entrepreneurs named the Waterpreneur Academy™. Entrepreneurs who sign up to become Pool Preserver Technicians are trained on the machine, and also equipped with a “Business in a Box” BizOp start-up kit. Find out more about the Water As A Career program here <link>

Pool Preserver is the sophisticated and mobile reverse osmosis pool cleaning system that delivers Clean Healthy Pure Water without wasting gallons of water normally discarded as sewage and replenished at high city drought related prices.

  • Removes bacteria, cyanuric acid, chemical buildup and disinfectant by-product residuals.
  • Pool Preserver prevents calcium scale buildup by removing scale-forming minerals from the water.
  • On-site filtration that replaces the traditional draining and refilling of pools.
  • Prolongs the life of pools by removal of component-corrosive elements.

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