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Benefits of Purifying in Place

What are Pool Preserver’s Benefits to Pool Cleaning Companies?

Profit and growth factors for pool cleaners using reverse osmosis pool water replacement (PWR):

  • Profit of $400 to $600 per pool cleaned. Sales range $600 to $800 per pool.
  • Superior quality product = more satisfied customers = more repeat business.
  • Market exclusivity: today less than 60 pool cleaning companies of the 65,000 in the primary pool-cleaning markets offer RO cleaning.
  • Huge growth potential considering currently low market penetration.
  • With proper maintenance Pool Preserver can operate for decades.
  • Greater production potential. Drain and refill of a 13,500 gallon pool averages 36-40 consecutive hours. Pool Preserver recycles and purifies the water in 6-7 hours.

Pool Cleaning Company Proforma 

Economics per Treatment

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Monthly Proforma

Monthly Proforma - Mont


Annual Proforma

Annual Proforman - Mont


Optimal Pool Water Balance

Pool testing image

Pool water quality is affected by the level of pH, which is affected by alkalinity. Pool water pH levels that are too high can cloud the water or create scaly deposits, but low pH levels allow for pool equipment and surfaces to become etched and corroded. Water balance for pools essentially means to bring into balance chemically, the most important factors being the pool pH, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness (CH) levels.

Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) Pool Maintenance Technicians use the langelier saturation index or LSI,  to check the overall state of water. The LSI is a valuable tool that has been used in the pool industry for decades and helps determine if water is generally corrosive, prone to scaling or in a good neutral state. 


Typical Sequence of Swimming Pool Events

Day 1 7.8 180 90 650
LSI= +.1 (76°) 7.5 90 300 <1000
LSI=+.35 (76°)

7.5 90 1000 3000

Targets: Water is neither corrosive nor scale forming.

  1. Initial Pool Fill. Pool is filled with fresh water from the city that contains minerals (i.e. salt, calcium, magnesium, other metals, etc.).
  2. The water is balanced to meet pool industry parameters. The objective is to balance pH, calcium, and chlorination components to achieve optimal TDS and alkalinity relationships.
  3. As evaporation takes pure H20, leaving behind the minerals water with more minerals is added to the pool.
  4. Swimmers enter the pool carrying “bather waste.” APSP guidelines typically recommend a regular water replacement program based on number of daily bathers. As new water is added it affects the water chemical balance.
  5. Disinfectant is added to the pool to keep the water clean increasing the risk of high Disinfection By-Products (DBPs).
  6. Algaecides are added to the pool to keep the water clear of algae.
  7. Minerals, DBPs, waste and other metals overwhelm the water.
  8. The pool is drained.
Chlorine Compound Byproduct
Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) → Salt
Calcium Hypochlorite
(Cal Hypo) →
Trichlor (Tabs) → Cyanuric Acid
Dichlor (Granular) → Cyanuric Acid
Salt Water Generators → Salt

Cyanuric Acid is one of the most problematic build ups and is the subject of much controversy

Note: Events 3-6 increase the pool's TDS  which if not handled properly result in high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)  and chloramines (combined chlorines) of a corrosive nature with repercussions.  Calcium hardness scale develops on equipment, filters, plumbing, and pool surfaces. CYA build up over 100ppm impacts on Cryptosporidium remediation and on Total Alkalinity tests. Testing Interferences increase (with proportionate accuracy decrease) due to dealing outside of recommended (controllable) parameters.

PoolPreserver obviates pool draining and refill conventionalities by cleaning pools with its Treat-in-Place technologies. These technologies address the above issues and effectively "refresh & reboot" the pool's water, enabling simpler and more reliable pool water balance. 


The Advantages of Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Healthy Water = Happy Pools

  • The water is fully purified and disinfected to a high standard. Why drain a pool when you can purify it? It's the most hygienic way to deal with pool water.
  • You get the highest water quality and pool owners, family and friends all get a heightened enjoyment when they are in the pool.
  • The reason customers LOVE pool RO is because RO purified and disinfected water makes them feel good and really super clean.
  • Curbside service. Easy pull up and hookup. Only the hoses get pulled onto the customers property. Everything else stays on the trailer.
  • Given that pools cost between $50,000-$100,000 on average, spending several hundred dollars a few times a year to prevent costly damage to pool components is sensible.
  • Purifying pools by treat-in-place RO to avoid draining and the risk of multi-thousand dollar crack repairs is the logical move for pool owners.

Consumer Benefits

  • Removes calcium, magnesium, silica, sulfates, bicarbonate, bacteria, cyanuric acid, chemical buildup and disinfectant by-product residues.
  • Purifies the water or micro-contaminants and bio-organisms.
  • Reduces chemical cost associated with chlorine and pH management.
  • Softer water is much more pleasant for swimming and safer.
  • Prolongs the life of pools, essential and ancillary operational components and minimizes damage to pool-surround coping and adjacent patios.
  • Prevents calcium scale buildup on pool walls and coping.
  • Saves 85% of the water through purification, and is eco-friendly.
  • Conforms to regulations in areas of the country where dumping pool water is prohibited.
  • In drought stricken areas, it is the ONLY logical choice.
  • Hedges pool-owner impact from fresh water shortages in the years to come.

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