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The story of the Argentine who came to the US without speaking English and today does business with 14 countries

Aug 2, 2021 5:30:53 PM

by Laura Mafud

Translation from Spanish

"This was my third inspiration and it led me to look for more companies to help with our Philanthroinvestors®, and thus I managed to find a firm that is aligned towards improving the quality of water on the planet, OriginClear, in the hands of its CEO, Riggs Eckelberry.

Star Companies

"And this is how philanthroinvestment in water was born. And we are working with a star company for each of the areas of the planet that we want to improve, giving the possibility to qualified philanthropists to invest in these companies so they can achieve their vision for this planet. as soon as possible".

Ivan Anz Forbes AR 1280


Local Businesses Take Action

Philanthroinvestment in water was born, he says, with the vision and technology necessary to improve the state of water on the planet. "The water is broken, and the US government is spending more than $ 100 billion to fix the nation's problem."

Local businesses, he explains, are taking direct action to clean and recycle their own water. OriginClear is helping them "cut the cord" with municipalities, developing pay-per-gallon programs with a future digital currency to streamline payments.

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