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South Florida Students At Saint Mark's Shine Hope On The Next Generation Of Sustainability Leaders To Help Solve Growing Water Issues

Oct 13, 2022 5:02:18 PM

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It may appear like an out-of-the-box idea, but even industry experts agree that training the next generation of sustainability leaders is a move in the right direction. Riggs Eckelberry, a top water expert and CEO of OriginClear, a clean water innovation hub, shared, “We are facing a water crisis in this country and around the world as this resource becomes increasingly scarce and polluted. The more we educate on these issues, foster curiosity, and spark the idea that there are solutions, the better off we will all be in our world.


So. FL school kids

It is amazing to see young people engaged in preserving our environment, and I believe that a real difference can be made with the right knowledge, resources, and encouragement.”



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