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Water Online | The Impact Of America's Water Crisis On The Housing Industry

Jun 22, 2022 5:04:44 PM




Insight from Riggs Eckelberry, CEO And Founder Of OriginClear

All across America, water scarcity is changing the way we live, and the housing industry is no exception. According to PNAS.org, an estimated 471,000 households or 1.1 million individuals lack a piped water connection. With 73% of homes located in urban areas, the overwhelming pressure of underfunded water infrastructure is causing a great migration from big cities to suburbs.


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Riggs Eckelberry of OriginClear, a leader in the self-reliant water revolution, explains the good and the bad of this change, providing civilians with new opportunities to treat their own water in remote locations contrary to developments in the real estate industry left to suffer the effects of the American water crisis. “Overwhelmed cities are already struggling and the increasing demand for new construction can create more of an issue,” he says.

With more individuals leaning toward rural homes, self and reliable water access is an issue Eckelberry constantly faces through efforts to find water treatment solutions. “We’re seeing further out housing developments and mobile home parks that are too far from the municipality, so they’re having to clean their own water. Not only can this create problems for building new locations, but it can make it difficult for current locations to function properly and safely.”



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