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Voyage Tampa | The Change-Makers: Stories that Inspire. Meet Riggs Eckelberry

Jul 7, 2022 2:24:54 PM




I grew up the son of an international businessman and can’t really say I can call anywhere home. Soon after high school, I began a career in the nonprofit space which included learning how to command large ships. Eventually, I ended up in the for profit space and chose to get into high tech, because I believe that technology is truly transformative when it comes to upsetting assumptions about how to address climate change, how to extend population limits, and how to make business success more available to everyone.


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Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some struggles along the way?

As the saying goes, “experience is a great teacher, but she sends in big bills”. Yes, that first technology experience was tough, mainly because I was undercapitalized. We accomplished great things, but we just couldn’t stay the course. I would say the main thing I’ve learned over the years is how to practice disruption while at the same time having the resources to do so. I’m very grateful that the company I founded, OriginClear, has an amazing investor base that has supported its efforts to transform the water industry.



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