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The 8 Best Shower Filters Of 2023 For Softer Skin & Healthier Hair

May 4, 2023 4:57:00 PM

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By Brittany Natale

What is a shower filter?

Riggs Eckelberry, founder and CEO of OriginClear, a clean water innovation hub, explains that a shower filter is a filtration system designed for use right in your shower. “It typically consists of a screw-on attachment that helps remove irritants like chlorine and even Round Up—that’s right, the weed killer,” he says.


shower filter


What are the benefits of a shower filter?

Shower filters are often easy to install and have many benefits. As mentioned earlier, these filters can remove chlorine, pollutants, and bacteria from shower water. Eckelberry explains that this, in turn, can have significant effects on our bodies—it can soften skin, improve hair, and reduce skin inflammation. “On top of that, the less we’re exposed to these toxins, the better our overall health can be,” he adds. “Skin absorbs water, so you want to make sure it’s high quality.”

How to choose a shower filter


Eckelberry says that if you’re looking for a filter that will reduce the most amount of contaminants, try to go for one that also uses activated carbon in the filtration process. “I recommend a shower filter with advanced filter technology, often with activated carbon,” Eckleberry says. “These are designed to remove a wide range of contaminants—some remove as many as 200 different kinds—and cover all your bases.”



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