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OriginClear® Creates Water Marketplace to Finance New Form of Water Treatment It Believes Will Sentence Pandemic Wannabes to Lonelier Death

May 26, 2020 2:42:48 PM

What role to do you think more widespread water treatment can play in helping to prevent future pandemics? 

Can it be that more sanitation could drown future COVID-19’s before they surface?  

A genius I know, OriginClear® CEO Riggs Eckelberry, firmly believes it can and to finance it, he has created the ultimate liquid investment. 

Transmedia-Pandemic-Inestor Water image

Called “InvestorWater,” the Water Marketplace is designed to advance a new form of decentralized water treatment that once fully implemented will make future pandemics far less likely and less dangerous...



by Thomas J. Madden
Chairman & CEO
Transmedia Group

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