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Protecting Stock Portfolios in a Bear Market

Dec 7, 2022 12:37:36 PM

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by Melissa Moraes

For any investor, the term “bear market” can seem off-putting. While prolonged drop in investment prices can present various feelings of uncertainty, observing current trends and capitalizing on defensive utility stocks continues to provide the stability and protection investors need, no matter how the market is doing. 


Fin Dig Protecting Portfolios

As Riggs Eckelberry, Founder and CEO of OriginClear, puts it, key indicators for companies entering a bear market are simply “when a majority of corporations miss their estimates.” This domino effect is what triggers the downward spiral when prices of an asset continuously drop and monetary value is eroded to little or nothing. “Markets respond to interest rates and they have been very low for a long time. Now that they’re rising, the interest the U.S. government pays can be huge and the unstoppable force of hyperinflation,” he says. To prepare for such changes, keeping up with current trends in the stock market is a major factor to track the big ups and downs and protect stock portfolios down the line.



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